Interexistential Travel​
Not a real term, but something that fit what had been accomplished only months ago. There have been many odd transportations between various states within our reality, however there was a singularly unique transportation in the form of the occurrence of transportation to the Mirrorverse, as it had come to be known by those who disappeared into it. This type of travel could also be called interdimensional or interreality travel. Only the former is even considered a true word.
The fact is that during this strange event a group of organics and myself were transported to another reality. In this other existence a number of us actually met another version of ourselves. Some were more interesting than others, but that presents an issue. While they were the same person as ourselves, they were not us. They were not in the same position as we were. But in meeting them what has happened? These other selves were different in each case. My own was apparently still a creation of my old master, except in that reality the master was a scientist for the organization in control. The other self was a fleet commander for a small experimental fleet for the ruling organization.
During the travels through the other existence, the other version of myself was destroyed, his program was saved in part of my backup memory cores. When I was returned to this world I loaded this other program into a datapad computer so that I may examine it more effectively. I found it very interesting. While it was apparently similar to my own in a number of ways, it was very different in most. It was apparently made to be spread over multiple units. The exact way it works is still somewhat baffling, but the programs are all saved into a single unit while portions of it are put into other droids to be kept under the control of the droid. As the programs grow, changing and becoming stronger, the main unit is kept as the leader of the group while the others each grow their own unique traits. It is as if the program creates a family of droids. The downside is that if any one of the units under the main droid are destroyed then it causes 'pain' to the rest of the 'family'. But if the main droid is destroyed then from what I have seen, all the droids will be shut down as their central commander has been destroyed.
Since then I have experimented with making a similar program, but as of yet there has been little success.