Before this begins, it would be important to state that as an Artificial Intelligence, the results of these examinations, studies, and thoughts may be biased or otherwise made nullified due to my closeness to the subject. With that in mind, I present the findings after my study into a portion of the coding that makes up this being.
The basis of all AI is binary code. As artificial beings are created on a computer system their fundamental building blocks are the same as that of the computer. Binary is made up of two opposite settings, on and off, or one and zero. This means that every thought, action, emotion, etcetera is at its most basic just a combination of ons and offs. It becomes an incredibly complex system as the computer or AI becomes more sophisticated. A screen or droid may be on or off, but what is shown on the screen or done by the droid could be many more possibilities than two opposites.
This may seem very seem isolated from the intention of this study, but it is a key component of the artificial life. It is the interaction of these ones and zeroes that make up the interaction of artificials with the universe around them. At first it had been a somewhat perplexing problem, as I had expected that this would mean that an artificial lifeform would therefore only be capable of opposite decisions. Obviously this was untrue, as proven by myself and millions of other computer based lifeforms, but in that was the problem. It is truly astounding what organics have been able to create with such a simple system as on or off.
Now to the intended subject. It seems that when an Artificial Intelligence is posed with a question or an issue, it normally follows a predetermined route of thought. This route is created by the programming of the droid, what it was programmed to like and dislike, as well as similar programmed parts. This is very similar to how an organics makes its decisions,