Be aware, the following documents are classified Cosmic Top Secret.​
The intentional or unintentional revelation of any of the following can and will result in immediate revocation of any and all security clearance, termination of employment, a fine of up to and including 20,000 US Dollars, or the equivalent amount in native currency, and/or 10 years minimum prison sentence.

Operation Devil’s Moon​
Berlin, Germany​
Delta 1 – Cory Knight – Rookie – USA​
Delta 2 – Eduardo Rodriguez – Rookie – Argentina​
Delta 3 – Dmitriy Petrov – Rookie – Russia​
Delta 4 – Kasumi Ikeda – Rookie – Japan​
Delta 2 – Unharmed​
Delta 3 – Human Shotgun from the front​
Delta 1 – Alien Pistol shot from the side​
Delta 4 – Alien Pistol shot from behind​
Delta 1 – None​
Delta 2 – Two​
Delta 3 – None​
Delta 4 – One​
Delta 2 – Rookie-Squaddie – Assigned Heavy​

Three new recruits acquired​

Operation Devil’s Moon Debrief​
Germany officials were hysteric after the attack. The situation was dire and the loss of their own recon team was only making matters worse in their view. Fortunately, we were called in. Our mission briefing was lacking in hard information, which was not helping the feeling of apprehension that I was feeling, I just hope that I wasn’t the only one with that feeling.
Object believed to be the origin of disturbance​
What we were told was that the object that fell was supposed to be some form of satellite, believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Well that was what we were meant to deal with, now only if they knew what they were dealing with. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault, after all we were all working in a new outfit and this was the first mission. This was a point of proof to the effectiveness of the project.
The XCOM project, a newly formed multi-national, government funded initiative for building the necessary defenses to protect Earth from alien threats. The Extraterrestrial Combat Unit was originally a solely US initiative started during the Cold War. After a brief invasion attempt by aliens at the time, the project was adopted by a number of nations who formed a council who authority was worldwide and did not take into account the sovereignty of any non-Council nations. A rather presumptuous move on the Council’s part, but if someone were to say something it was likely they would find their employment terminated.
Council Representative​
Of course, this is all confidential, since the Council has deemed it in everyone’s best interest that the greater public be kept unaware of the existence of aliens. Kasumi thinks that that is a mistake, because if the aliens attack then it is only a matter of time before everyone knows of our new enemies. Public outrage would follow, or so she believes, and before long there would be riots that would lead to the collapse of those governments which hid the existence of other life.
Because it is relatively new, there is only a skeleton crew running the entire operation. The Commander is a recently contracted ex-some military or other and is supposed to have enough years in training to know how to run a paramilitary initiative such as this. We in the attack squad have our doubts, but this is the first mission any of us have taken part in so now is the time to see what we’re all made of.
The Squad is made up of four members at this point, though there is talk of increasing the size when more funding is available. XCOM being an international project, there were representatives from multiple countries. At this point there were only four soldiers, Delta one through four, from the USA, Argentina, Russia, and Japan respectively. Most of us were either former military or special operations, with one exception.

Cory Knight is Delta 1, Lead, or Ground-Pounder depending on who you ask. As the American representative he was given the leading position, more than likely a move on the USA’s part to cement their dominance in the project, though we all agree that he is perhaps one of the most prepared for this. What we learned all came from him, since the actual records are considered classified, he had a ten year service in the Green Berets, before being moved over to the project. He doesn’t really talk about it all that much, but we know he must have been very good at his job, since only the best are supposed to be here. He has shown difficulty getting used to the concept of not staying in the area of operation for more than a few hours.

Eduardo Rodriguez, that’s me, is Delta 2, also known as Hand-Down, or Sea Dog. Originally part of the Armada of the Argentine Republic, I was one of those few soldiers really only there to defend against borders. Served aboard a smaller patrol boat until a close encounter had the entire crew and the boat taken by the then burgeoning XCOM project. Most of the crew were given various jobs in stations around the world while I was put on the team. Wish that we head some heavier weapons, but really the ones we have are oversized as it is. It’s amazing the bullets and grenades that we have access to. Really the caliber of our rifles and pistols put most standard military snipers to shame.

Dmitriy Petrov is Delta 3, or Shark Bait. Again, most of his background is classified, even more so than Knight. He hasn’t said much aside from being part of Spetsnaz, not that that really helps us given the fact that term can means just about anything in Russia nowadays. He pretty friendly aside from that, and we even have a plan to get him to watch his first western horror movie.

Finally there’s Delta 4, Kasumi Ikeda, Dramatic entrance extraordinaire. She loves doing things in action movie style. Jumping through windows, bashing open doors, punching people in the face, all that. She’s actually a quiet person off the training ground. Apparently she was an Olympic class Biathlon master. She was on the verge of making it to the Olympic team before an encounter with extraterrestrial life brought XCOM to her doorstep. Once the base is supplied with sniper rifles she plans on picking on up, until then she works with the rifles we have and keeps her aim sharp, whether it be on the range or at the pool table.

That’s all the past of course, right now we were about to land. Dmitriy and I took either side of the Ranger before Cory and Kasumi charged out the front. Typical Kasumi, she yelled as she raced out the front. It must sound very much like what the berserkers did or maybe the Samurai. We all took a moment to get a view of our surroundings and it didn’t look good. Cars had been tipped over, and there was quite a bit of fire and smoke around. It gave us one good thing, a lot of cover.
Result of Alien attack​
So after we had our bearings, orders came in from Central. Evidently the new Commander would be taking over, but for now we would be taking orders from Central. That seemed a lot like him, something of an autocratic personality, always expecting everyone to obey him as if he were God himself. Of course, as soldiers that is kind of how it works, but it’s the principal.
So we followed orders and moved down the street taking turns behind cover and running to new cover. Kasumi found the first evidence of truly alien activity. She never did say what the man looked like, but he was heavily injured and didn’t survive. I was the next to find a gruesome scene. A corpse who appeared to have been disemboweled from within and who looked like he had been dead for weeks. Whatever these aliens were up to, it was some messed up stuff for sure. No friendly E.T. here.
Cory made his way to the crashed object and in his words it was definitely no satellite. We then moved into what I would describe as a warehouse with the look of an old factory. Dmitriy and I were the first ones in before Cory and Kasumi followed. There we found the only survivor of the German Recon team. He just stood there, holding an oversized grenade in one hand and a shotgun in the other. Central ordered Delta 3 to move in and check it out.
Having never seen any good form of horror movie before, Dmitriy had no clue that this was practically the key set up for the first person to die. Like a bad movie, nobody stopped him as he walked up and apparently saw something about the guy and it looked like he saw something behind the man as well. That was when hell broke loose. The guy raised the shotgun and fired right into Three before pulling the pin on the grenade. Nobody could stop it as the first casualty of the evening fell. Moments later some creep-eyed alien shot Cory from the side. He had me in his sight as well, but for the quick thinking of Central we would all have been in body bags.
Death of Delta 3​
Alien showing fantastic powers​
Last Recon member under Alien control committing suicide​
Kasumi was getting ready to move up to check on Dmitriy before another one of those aliens began firing on her position from the front. Before I could help her I had to deal with the alien who had my side, so I threw a grenade in his direction as at it blew that guy up I turned and fired on the alien who was pinning Kasumi down. Central continued giving orders, it was amazing that he could keep up with everything going on in the battlefield.
With alien dead, Central ordered Kasumi to take cover behind some boxes to cover me while we regrouped. Blaster alien came up from behind and shot her. Fortunately that was the last one, I went around a stack of boxes and filled the alien with all the bullets that I had before taking care of the post battle clean-up. Had to carry all of the bodies back to the Ranger myself. Didn’t have the time to collect the enemy remains and burned the building so that anything hiding in the corners would die with them.
Final confrontation during operation​
Lost the entire squad, all of them good friends. Now there was only one left. XCOM had accomplished a grand total of one mission and they had already lost the majority of their fighting power. As much as they could acquire more soldiers, none of them would be equal to this team. There would be a memorial service when we got home, the first of the brave men and woman to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty. We served a cause greater than ourselves, and they were probably glad to have died fighting rather than in some medical bed. I’ll keep on fighting until every last alien has had its share of death. Justice will be done and humanity will be saved.
Delta 2 returning after mission​
Operation Bleeding Tears​
Chongquing, China​
Delta 1 – Eduardo Rodriguez – Squaddie Heavy – Argentina​
Delta 2 – Jack Williams – Rookie – Great Britain​
Delta 3 – Carlos Vargas – Rookie – Brazil​
Delta 4 – Melissa Murphy – Rookie – Canada​
Delta 1 – Injured – 4 days​
Delta 2 – Unharmed​
Delta 3 – Injured – 6 days​
Delta 4 – Unharmed​
Delta 1 – Three​
Delta 3 – One​
Delta 3 – Rookie-Squaddie – Assigned Support​
Fear spreads across United States as Alien sightings in Manhattan are reported

Operation Bleeding Tears Debrief​
It’s only been a few weeks since, you know. We picked up three new recruits, I’ve been given lead of the squad, and they finally brought in some other weapons. I have always been partial to the heavy guns, a light machine gun the size of a minigun, does that make is a heavy machine gun? I don’t know, but the guys in the tech lab need to make these weapons smaller. The rocket launcher is about the only thing which appears to be about appropriately sized, even then.
So this time it was a choice between Chine and America. Central probably would have chosen America, what with them being the leading nation in the initiative at the moment, though XCOM’s main base is actually in Europe somewhere. National politics I would assume, but hey we’re just the guys who shoot guns and fight aliens. Nonetheless, Commander was the one who was in charge now, mostly. Apparently Central would still be giving some commands out in the field, but for the most part it was now Commander’s show to run.
I never met Commander, he’s kind of like the Council to me in a way, basically the voice of God telling me what to do and when to do it. That’s the soldier’s life so I have no issue with that, but it would be nice to get a chance to actually see and get to know the man who controls the entire base. Again, from my military training one never really got to know one’s commanding officer, outside of the office that is, so I have no issues with how things are run, maybe with Central in a backup position we can finally get somethings going here.
So the new squad is alright I guess. They seem smart enough, but I don’t know. I really don’t think they’ll match up to the old guys. We’ll see. Everyone here considers me a veteran, one mission and I’m already the old guy that everyone goes to for advice. I’m only [redacted] years old, damn it! Unlike last time I’ve been given access to their files, though Central really read me the Riot Act in the case that I tell anyone else the contents of the files.
Anyways, the new Delta 2, Jack Williams is from the UK. Not a bad guy, though he is a little on the side of slovenly of the bunch. He doesn’t tuck in his bed sheets in the morning and he tends to drink too much. Apparently he was a good soldier until his own encounter, for whatever reason his standard have dropped considerably. He was discharged and found a few months later by our agents. Evidently they were hoping to avoid him due to this record, but the loss of the previous squad has caused some of the standards to drop. I hope he pulls himself together, if he isn’t careful his first mission may be his last. Definitely someone who will need to be replaced should the opportunity arise.
Delta 3 is Carlos Vargus. This guy is certainly one of the better recruits and one that I think has potential. He was a medic in the Brazilian Air Force, his experience in the field was minimal before he was brought here. But he’s told quite a bit about himself to the rest of us, apparently his father was a hunter and he trained his kid pretty well. However, unlike his father Carlos was more of the helpful sort. He apparently wanted to play a bigger role in his country, yet at the same time didn’t really want to kill anybody. He had a most interesting encounter of the three, [redacted].
The last and perhaps the one with my greatest hopes is Delta 4, Melissa Murphy. A Canadian with an unanticipated aptitude towards anticipating enemy tactics. Thus far she has shown to maintain a high level of professionalism and has been keeping up with everyone else. Her file is fairly threadbare, lacking any details about her encounter or previous life. I’m looking forward to learning more about her and seeing what she can do.
That is what we have to work with. Only time will tell if they are enough to save humanity. Central had given what information he could about the aliens, he was somewhat put off by the fact that there was little more to go on than some footage from the last fight.
Soldiers exiting Ranger​

This time we were ready for them. We also got to them much sooner than we did last time. Rather than a number of hours it was well within half an hour that we reached the sight. Whatever the aliens had planned we caught them off guard. When we first landed everything seemed calm. It was a ship yard and we were set down right next to a single story building.
The first thing Central ordered was for Carlos to check the inside of the building as quietly as possible. The kid did so, moving in and opening the door quietly. Once the door was open he gave an all clear signal before heading in. Central then sent me up to the roof to get oversight of the others. As I was moving to the far side of the roof, the first aliens of the evening fell into my sight. There were only two of them but they moved fast. They appeared to have been preparing to move one of the bodies before they were interrupted.
I fired and scored one while Delta 2 and 4 moved around the building to take the alien from the side. Delta 3 moved through the building and took cover beneath a window in front of the alien. While the others were getting into position, the alien got a lucky shot and hit my left arm, fortunately it was just a minor wound. Moments later Carlos fired through the window and ended the alien. Central reported that there were more aliens ahead and that we should be careful. Yeah, as if the previous mission was proof enough to that.
Delta 1 shooting Alien​
I ran along the roof until I reached the edge and dropped down to meet up with Carlos while the other two moved ahead to try and locate the enemy. Carlos moved to catch up with the other two while I stuck to cover while trying to get with the group. There was firing ahead and when I caught up Carlos had been hit in the side. It was a nasty looking wound and one that would definitely take time to heal. Williams pointed out the enemy position, inside the entrance to a building, using the walls as cover. Central decided that collateral damage was no longer a concern and ordered me to use a rocket to get them out of there. Williams and Murphy gave me covering fire while I moved to a clear position to fire from.
A single rocket was all it took. Everything for a few meters was turned to rubble and destroyed. No more aliens to fight we returned to the Ranger. The initial scans of our injuries said that Carlos and I would be spending a few days in the medical ward. Annoyingly Carlos was even attempting to diagnose the damage so that the doctors back at the base would know what to work with.
All in all it was a good mission. It was unfortunate that we don’t have enough people to take care of more than one abduction site. But this is a new initiative perhaps later on there will be more resources to work with. Alright well time to go get a drink and try to socialize with these new soldiers. Their first mission was a success, better than could be said for mine.
Operation Devil’s Moon Debrief​
Germany officials were hysteric after the attack. The situation was dire and the loss of their own recon team was only making matters worse in their view. Fortunately, we were called in. Our mission briefing was lacking in hard information, which was not helping the feeling of apprehension that I was feeling, I just hope that I wasn’t the only one with that feeling.
What we were told was that the object that fell was supposed to be some form of satellite, believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Well that was what we were meant to deal with, now only if they knew what they were dealing with. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault, after all we were all working in a new outfit and this was the first mission. This was a point of proof to the effectiveness of the project.

Soldiers returning to Headquarters​