The Galaxy is a vast and ancient place.
Secrets are hidden in the dark, on worlds lost, on worlds not yet found.
Mysteries, knowledge, and treasures are abound.
Do you have what it takes?


The Jedi Exploration Corps is a long and proud organization, which has given birth to innumerable other groups. However, the Jedi Exploration Corps use the various gifts of the Jedi and the Force to find their way through the secret passages of the galaxy, to worlds of legend and lore, seeking that which is lost. Working alone, or with teams, the ExplorCorps, as they are colloquially called, specialize in being masters of their ship, and masters of the galaxy. At home in all regions of the galaxy, the Explorers are able to find the most valuable artifacts.


Serving as navigators for teams, for a variety of ships, from high end, high tech yachts, to hardened freighters, piloted by more brass than brains. The ExplorCorps seeks to go where Jedi haven’t gone, to expand their own knowledge of the Force, science, and the galaxy as a whole. Many come to the life for the adventure, many stay for the treasure, and others stay to help those who find themselves lost, as Wardens of the Sky of a sorts.

Their reach extends from the Deep Core, to the Outer Rim, from Wild Space, to the Unknown Regions, and all worlds in between. Locating resources, uncovering relics, expanding technology and linking new worlds and business. Utilizing the best instincts and technology, the Explorers go where none have gone before, and as a result they have to be ready for anything, from pirates, to unfriendly locals, and anything in between.


Open to the Jedi of all Orders and Non-Force Users interested in adventure and mystery, the ExplorCorps current headquarters in Silver Concord space on Kattada.