I will explain my sad circumstances; I was in the midst of a 4-5 hour creation spree where I created a Planet for my new Species I created shortly after I submitted the Planet; I did not however fully understand the rules regarding "WIP posts", as I read the codex posts and saw nothing mentioning "WIP posts" so I posted the content I had already written, which was everything for the Species, the "Drowai" without having written the History and Intent yet. So..my submission was sent to the archive, much to my dismay! I was at work when this happened, and I still am there now hoping to fix this asap. So I am reposting my ENTIRE species submission here, so it can be then re-evaluated and taken OUT of the archives! I do apologize for this inconvenience, and it is unfortunate this happened to begin with. I hope to avoid circumstances like this in the future. Enjoy the Drowai, as I have enjoyed creating them <3.


  1. ADEPT WARRIORS: The Drowai are graceful and strong, able to hold their own in a scrap.
  2. AESTHETIC: The Drowai are an attractive race of warrior-women.
  1. TECHNOLOGY: The Drowai are primitive, and have little dealings with the rest of the galaxy, and as such have no concept of advanced technology.
  2. SIZE: The Drowai's lack of menfolk may make them susceptible to larger, stronger opponents.

  1. Birthright: After a Drowai woman gives birth, the child will be put in either the Warrior caste, or the Hunter caste to determine their duties to the Queendom.
  2. Blood-Trial: A member of the Queendom may challenge another valid higher ranking member to a Blood-Trial, where they will fight to the death or until one surrenders. The victor will ascend the totem pole, and the loser will descend to the bottom of the totem pole. (I.E, a Hunter challenges a Warrior. The Hunter wins, and the Warrior doesn't wish death, so the Warrior surrenders instead. The Hunter then becomes a Warrior, and the defeated Warrior becomes a lowly Slave.)
  3. The Great Moot: Once at the start of the new year leaders of the various Queendoms will gather and meet at a Moot, in a formal gathering of the Queendoms where politics will be discussed, trade conducted, and this is the only time a Queen may be formally challenged for her title of Queen; If this is done in such a way, the Queen is required to accept the duel which would take place after the Moot ends.
  4. The Queen's Gambit: The Queen's Gambit is when a Queen is challenged during a Moot for her right to rule. This duel uses no weapons, or armor, and is to the death.