Shakatan Male.
Shakatan Female.
Name: Shakatan.
Designation: Sentient:
Homeworld: Shokua.
Language: Shaka.
Average Height: Adult Males 2.2 meters. Adult Females 2 meters.
Skin Colors: White, Light Brown, Brown, Black.
Eye Color: Orange.
Hair Color: Black.
Breathes: Type 1.
  1. UNMATCHED-STRENGTH: Shakatans are the premiere species of physical power in the galaxy, having no true equal in terms of raw physical strength.
  2. AMBIDEXTROUS: The Shakatans are able to use each of their four arms easily, giving them advantages in every day life.
  1. MALE POPULATION: The males aren't as common as the females, due to the amount of males that die in tournaments every year, and there is only one male to every ten females.
  2. PRIDE: The Shakatan are an extremely proud people, and can become overconfident due to their sheer size and strength. This could be used against them.
  3. AGILITY: They are large and extremely strong, but cannot move very fast due to their size alone.
Distinctions: The Shakatan are quite the sight with only two toes to each foot, and having four arms with three fingers on each hand, and having distinct mohawks or ponytails as hairstyles. They have darker spots along their backs, and shoulders that are birthmarks. The Shakatan also have strong features and small pointed ears.
Average Lifespan: 150 years.
Races: N/A.
Estimated Population: 130 million. Found only on Shokua.
Diet: Bantha meat, and milk are a staple diet.
Communication: Shaka and Galactic Basic.
Reproductive Cycle: Shakatan's reproduce similar to Humans, carrying their young in their womb; However they also carry their children for 10 months, due to the longer development process.

Culture: Shakatan culture is one of strength, and of tradition. They are governed absolutely by the strongest of their kind; the Shakatan Emperor. The Shakatan lifestyle revolves around proving themselves with feats of strength, and of power through tournaments and arena games. The Shakatan males dominate the culture, and the females are the dutiful wives of the men. To the Shakatan, there is no greater way to prove oneself than by competing in the tournaments to win prizes in the form of Banthas, Wives, or Slaves, and at the larger tournaments the prizes consist of all three. There is no social hierarchy within Shakatan society besides the Emperor; You are seen as a rival by your fellow men, and by the females you are seen as a potential mate and husband. The males with the most wives, slaves, and bantha are considered the strongest, and worthiest of opponents as they have won the most tournaments. [background=Shakatan females are seen as the ultimate prize, and are highly sought after by the very competitive males, and as there are no traditional marital ceremonies the only way to acquire a wife (or wives) is to be successful in the tournaments. Such a tradition is viewed as rather odd by others, but by the Shakatan this is a way to ensure the strongest men are allowed to produce offspring. The Shakatan men live only to compete in the tournaments, while the women also train alongside their husband they are not allowed to compete due to their feminine status.
Family Households: Shakatan families live in estates, with the sire being the head of the house, and depending on his status will have a wife (or more). The sire of the house's only responsibility is to compete and win at the tournaments, to protect his wives and offspring, have children, and to serve the Emperor if needed. The women of the house do the majority of the work; Cooking, cleaning, training their slaves to be bodyguards, sparring partners, and servants. The women are also responsible for teaching the sons to fight, and for raising the daughters to be dutiful wives for their future husbands.
Royal Family: The Shakatan royal family houses the most impressive line of champions the Shakatan people have ever known, and the most beautiful females. From this line comes the Shakatan Emperor; who is the embodiment of the Shakatan way of life, and is the ultimate champion of the Shakatan people.
Cultural Ceremonies:[list=1]
[*]At the beginning of each year the Shakatan people offer gifts to the Shakatan Emperor as a sign of homage to their undisputed ruler; Usually in the forms of the most beautiful female (or females), herds of bantha, or batches of slaves; This is known as the "Yearly Tax".
[*]At the end of every year, the largest tournament is held at The Grand Coliseum in honor of the Emperor and lasts for a week, ultimate prizes are for the taking and this is where most Shakatan males lose their lives due to the extremities of the tournament. The Emperor himself hosts, and observes these great spectacles, and his daughters are usually the prizes in these great events. The Emperor may decide the outcome of any event during this time period, and may change the course of it as he sees fit. This is known as "The Great Game".
[*]Weekly, and Monthly tournaments are a constant with the Shakatan culture, and these tournaments determine many things within their societies; These games of strength are what makes the Shakatan way of life function as it does do.
Technology Level: Medieval.

General Behavior: Shakatans are a people of dedication, and constantly seek to outdo themselves; No matter what pursuit they take. They fully apply themselves to whatever task they do. They are fiercely protective of what is theirs, however they are not overtly aggressive. The males are less accommodating than the females, and the females are generally the ones who interact with offworlders as the men are usually training for a tournament. The Shakatans are wary of outsiders, and do not trust strangers.
History: Shakatan history is a rich tapestry of personal achievement, and hardship. They have had many run-ins with Hutt criminals, and continue to interact with the Hutts every now and again. The Shakatan people are proud, and mighty; They have long been a sovereignty all their own, ruled by their Emperor in relative peace and harmony. Their world of Shokua has seen many offworlders due to the amount of tournaments that take place on Shokua, with many outsiders also competing in tournaments to test their own mettle against the fearsome Shakatan. The Shakatan people were fragmented and divided until the Hutts staged a small invasion, enslaving several Shakatan females to potentially blackmail the males into servitude. This plan backfired and the Shakatan people came together for the first time under a single leader after they fought to determine who should lead with the victor being the strongest among them; United and under strong leadership the Shakatan men killed the Hutts and drove them from their world, freeing their women and securing their freedoms; The leader of the Shakatan was then named Emperor and this also introduced the tournament systems to their culture.
Notable PCs: N/A.
Intent: I was inspired to create these gladiators well, by, strangely enough watching the movie Gladiator. After hours of research into different cultures and different martial arts, I eventually came up with this finished product. I hope that the Shakatan will be the premiere galactic gladiators, and will go on to see more of the galaxy as the galaxy sees more of the Shakatan! They will also be the main inhabitants of their fictional world of Shokua.