Name: Shokua.
Region: Outer Rim Territories.
System: Tatoo System.
Suns: Tatoo 1, and Tatoo 2.
Orbital Position: 5th Planet.
Moons: None.
System Features: Same as the Tatoo System.
Coordinates: R-16.
Rotational Period: 22 hours.
Orbital Period: 300 days.
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11, 500 kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type 1.
Climate: Arid.
Gravity: Standard.
Primary Terrain: Oasis, Dry Plains, Mountains, and Deserts.
Native Species: Shakatan, and Humans.
Immigrated Species: Bantha.
Primary Languages: Shaka, and Galactic Basic.
Governments: Hereditary-Elective Absolute Monarchy.
Population: 200 million. 65% Shakatan, and 35% Humans.
Demonym: Shokuan.
Major Imports: (When tradable) Water.
Major Exports: (When tradable) Slaves.
Affiliation: Independent/Neutral.
Major Locations:
  1. The Grand Coliseum: This large gladiatorial construct is a place where great spectacles are seen, where fates are woven, and where legends are doomed to die; This massive circular arena is where the greatest of tournaments are held.
  2. Game Arena: Dozens of these arenas are located within the cities of Shokua, where smaller tournaments are held.
  3. Shokua Royal Palace: The grand palace in the desert mountains where the Emperor of Shokua lives and reigns from, also located near Kartan City.
  4. The City of Kartan: A premiere market city, and central hub of activity for the world of Shokua.
Culture: Shokua is a world of tradition and is ruled by the Shakatan Emperor of Shokua. The Shakatan are the rulers of the world, and the Humans are subjugated servants of their respective Shakatan master(s). The society of Shokua is dominated by the Shakatan men, and this society is one that respects strength; The weak are ruled by the strong, and this governs every aspect of life on Shokua. Most of Shokuan culture is experienced in the arenas, where the Shakatan males will compete against one another to be named tournament champion and receive prizes, and prestige. Shakatan females are seen as great prizes themselves, and are often fought over and used as prizes in tournaments to be married off to the tournament champion. Humans are used as servants, sparring partners, and bodyguards; They are slaves and as soon as they are born they are taught who their rightful rulers are, and tend to have a strong sense of loyalty to their Shakatan master.

Shokua is ruled with absolute authority by the royal family of Shokua, an ancient bloodline of strong Shakatan men who have a powerful and noble history filled with strength; These great Shakatan champions are seen as the embodiment of what a Shakatan man should be. Once the ruling Emperor passes away, the next Emperor of Shokua is elected through a tournament where only the princes of the royal family will be allowed to compete. These challenges are the most extreme, and grueling tests of strength and manhood that Shokua can muster; This strenuous process is designed to prove who the strongest is, and the winner is crowned Emperor and will then begin his undisputed rule.
Shakatan men are constantly butting heads with one another, always attempting to outdo another male to establish dominance. A Shakatan man is judged by the amount of wives he has, and how many slaves he owns; The more he has also means the more tournaments he has won which means he is a force to be reckoned with. The wives of a Shakatan male serve their husband faithfully in whichever way he desires, also training alongside their husband but never competing in tournaments; The women also train the slaves as bodyguards, servants, and sparring partners.
Shokua is a place of strong people, and it is only natural that they would wish to compete against one another; and that they do. Small tournaments take place every week where the men will compete against their peers to be champion, these tournaments are generally one-on-one matches where the winner goes on to face another winner, and so on and so forth until their is a grand final. Much larger tournaments occur every month, and as such these are week-long affairs where the rules vary each time, but always demands a physical challenge be met. These sporting events can be lethal, and many men often die which is why there are many more Shakatan women, than men. The prizes at these tournaments are vary from Shakatan women, Human slaves, and Banthas.
Shokua has no standing army, however every Shakatan man and Human slave are considered to be militia, and when called upon cannot refuse the summons of war. In the case that war does occur, the Emperor will be the commander-in-chief of the army, while his sons and brothers would also be in charge underneath the Emperor. Females are generally not involved within matters of war, but may be called upon if the need is great to also serve alongside their men in battle.
Technology: Medieval; They are familiar with outsiders, and often trade with offworlders who visit or come to compete in the tournaments.
History: Shokua was discovered hundreds of years ago, and was quickly documented and given the nickname "The Gauntlet", due to the amount of tournaments held on the planet each year. The explorers who discovered the arid planet also brought Banthas with them which quickly adapted to the local climates due to some similarities with Tatooine. It didn't take long before the Hutts also discovered the Shakatan people, and their extremely powerful male combatants. Several Hutt clans took up residence on the desert planet, building small fortresses and began to enslave Shakatan females to attempt to blackmail the men into servitude; This caused a violent chain reaction to occur with the strongest Shakatan man being elected as the leader of the army that was formed, and they brutally killed the Hutts and their henchmen and freed their women from captivity; The leader of this army went on to become the undisputed Emperor of Shokua, and this lead to Shokua's current form of government. The Hutts showed little interest in returning, and this has been the only time when Shokua's militia-formed military had been mustered in history. The Hutt cartel once again returned to the world of Shokua many years later, and brought with them their strong Gamorreans and Nikto warriors to compete against the Shakatan champions in their tournaments. The Hutts once again failed to employ the Shakatan men and their immense strength, and their chosen champions had lost decisively, but were seen as honorable by Shokuan society; and the Hutts were encouraged to return a few times a year to compete in the tournaments with their chosen representatives. The planet of Shokua continues to be a world of grand champions, and grander tournaments.
Intent: To be the native world of the Shakatan and their Human servants, to be the home of the galaxy's greatest competitors; The Shakatan people!