Aura of Domination: The Battlelords and Warlord command the soldiers of the empire, their aura with the darkside inspires them through fear and excitement of rage to fight to the point of sanity and then they will not stop.

Aura of Command: The Battlelords and Warlord are connected through the force to the sithspawn of the sith empire. Able to lead them into battle and command the legions.

Damage Resistance: The battlelords of old were created bound to others and this granted them hardened skin able to repel small knives and give them additional strength. Their ability to transfer minor wounds to the ones bound to them provide additional durability.

Increased Strength and Stamina: The Battlelords and Warlord through the force and darkside are stronger and by lasting. Able to simply fight with devastating weapons for longer periods of time.

Former Self: The Battlelords and Warlord have their former skills and powers to rely upon augmented for greater physical strength with the power of the darkside and vong shaped biots, cybernetics continue to function.

Dark Purity: The battlelords are forged and recreated through darkside rituals, their connection to it is unmistakable and cannot be hidden. They practically exude the darkside from their pores and their blood has darkened into an almost black liquid of corruption.

Darklight: The Battlelords connection to its minions and by results the connection of the Warlord to them can be severed and weakened by the use of the lightside of the force. Incinerating their connection to the darkside and possibly them along with it.

Lumbering: The Battlelord and Warlord are not fast, they are powerful, dangerous and able to command the battlefield. Their speed has been reduced and they lumber forward presenting a target to their enemies.

Subservience: The Battlelords and by extension have gained their presence through dedication to the darkside and their masters. Their will are tied to them and orders are followed without question. (Hands, Eye, Voice, Dark Lord Himself)

Former Self: The Battlelords and Warlord are empowered, created and built to fight, to be monsters on the battleflied but their skills are only as great as they were in their former lives. They do not receive a power boost in their skills, they do not learn how to control everything they must still learn it, must still train just now they have dominion and power over beings weaker then them.