[background=[b]Name:[/b] Croa
[background=[b]Designation:[/b] Sentient
[background=[b]Homeworld:[/b] Rendili
[background=[b]Language:[/b] Basic
[background=[b]Average height of adults:[/b] 1.7m
[background=[b]Skin color:[/b] White to black
[background=[b]Hair color: [/b]White to black
[background=[b]Breathes:[/b] Type I
More agile than humans
Good Nightvision
Good memory (in the earlier generations)
Cannot Reproduce naturally
No more durable or physically strong than average humans: Their bodies are softer due to the infection spreading and as they get older their bodies become easier to dismember and pop releasing infectious ooze like pus.
Sithspawn weaknesses: Due to being a product of sith alchemy and the darkside the species is highly vulnerable to force light and if trying to use the lightside will receive extreme pain. Coincidentally the species compared to other sithspawn does not have the ability to hibernate and feed off the darkside.
Continuous infection from single source will weaken venom and endanger the infected.
Virus can be slowed down with anti virals if given quick enough.
Mental degradation with the later generations becoming more feral
Internal Temperature Runs high: The virus is a massive infection transforming and converting the body into a product of sith alchemy. Their internal organs slowly liquify into an internal ooze that severely shortens the lifespan
Humanoid Appearance
Elongated ears
Cannot Reproduce Normally
[background=[b]Average Lifespan:[/b] 60 years (from infection to death)
Neku: The more seemingly intelligent species able to be controlled by a beast master or battle lord.
Nasaneku: The more advanced generations that have degraded and diluted reducing the intelligence. Their ferocity has slowly begun to take over and baser instincts.

[background=[b]Estimated Population: [/b]Few, though they can infect other humanoids.
[background=[b]Diet:[/b] Their diet is essentially the same as humans, though they lean more towards meat.
[background=[b]Communication:[/b] Generally the same as humans, though they tend to meow within their sentence structure or to indicate emotional states of irritation or joy.

[background=[b]Culture: [/b]
[background=Similar to humans, their culture depends more on the source they came from. However, as a species themselves, they are incredibly obedient and docile towards those who created them and exist in a high social structure than them (unless ordered to disregard such), orienting towards a Queen. The Queen being their creators or one designated as such by said creators. Social structure is also influenced by the factor of infection. More recently turned are typically seen as lower in status and bend to the will of more experienced members.[/size]
[background=Much like the creatures they are based on there are two types, the advanced an seemingly intelligent ones who have been created and infected... and the base ones. Left to their own devices and dangerous randomly infecting and going after anything. It is not a matter of what will come but how with the infection being more potent in small groups instead of one just infecting entire groups. The more venom used the less potent it gets and the more chance of the infected being harmed in the process of changing and transforming.[/size]
[background=The Initial infection of the species is from the sithspawn virus using processes refined in the more ancient alchemical viruses. The Murakama orchid's process being studied at Al-Khali and the Rakghoul plague from the lower city. The virus kept in a basin to be experimented on and refined at the sith zoo created by the Alchemist and Mother of the Nightmare child.[/size] It assaults the
Hell's Blood:
The internal ooze that develops from the organs and internal parts slowly melting within the body. It creates the yaim blood. A hot semi corrosive substance that spreads infection and will spread out. The end stages have the croa slowly seeking to maximize the spread of the infection seeking water and food sources it can infect.

[background=[b]Technology level: [/b]The same as humans, typically depending on their basis of knowledge before creation.

[background=[b]General behavior:[/b] While they could in theory operate as a normal human society should their numbers ever warrant such a possibility, the Neku mostly tend for the moment to stay hidden on the whim of their creators. Mostly opting to lounge around waiting for orders, typically behaving in playful manners with each other or conducting themselves in normal conversations. Truly their only distinctions from humans depicting their changes is their submission to darkside masters and growth of natural claws and fangs.

Created as a quasi second generation of Rakghouls with the idea of widespread infection in mind. The biggest problem presented with that was, the rakghouls that existed in the galaxy were an unknown iteration and not the first generation. They were not created by the Muur Talismen but created through infection which could prove helpful to see what the infection did to attack the hosts cells and convert them but it would become more diluted as time went on.
So Balaya looked to other aspects, turning to the sciences of the galaxy and find some of the microscopic parasites that had attached to the cells of the galaxy. A symbiotic relationship being formed while she worked to gather the genetic materials of other species. With sith magics she could focus and alter these instead of trying to shape the entire body. The cells would seperate and sread throughout the body converting and mutating as she wanted instead of risking damage to the subjects.
The first part was the gathering with her apprentice of Cathar genetic material, their aggressive nature could prove useful and for a soldier to balance out the foretold behemoths their speed and flexibility would be needed. Then she sent another apprentice to gather zeltrons for experimentation hoping some of their traits might carry over but unsure. She didn't have the technology to make a designer parasite while she continued to infuse sith magics into the cells to keep them from breaking down and rejecting.
Finally the tests came and were needed, subjects were brought in but their bodies were weak and ill suited as some of them rejected the transformation fighting it until their hearts gave out and mutating after their were dead and of no use. One of the more successful subjects seeming to die on the table for a moment and then reawakening with a flurry of thrashes and screams. The sith magic being able to do what evolution would take centuries in weeks of changing the body.
The early symptoms after infection is fever with the body trying to fight the newly introduced cells and the bones are the first to be affected. The marrow deteriorating by 60% to make them lighter and faster while also weaker and frail compared to other soldiers. Next it slowly works its way to the heart increasing the beats per minute ten fold to increases how fast the blood in pumped through the body and spread itself faster and faster. Then it attacks the mind targeting sections for higher level processes.
The end result looks like meningitis and the subject is confined to a bed for several days before succumbing and appearing to die. Then fourteen hours later and three weeks after initial infection the subjects awakens with the virus having fully taken the body. Their incisors will slowly over time become longer and sharper, their finger nails growing into claws and senses becoming more acute. Their minds are more docile and suggestible by dakrsiders and influenced.
While they retain memories of their old lives and brain function enough to use weapons they are filled with the urge to spread the infection to the enemies they encounter and are unable to understand self preservation. They will throw themselves en mass at a target to overwhelm and infect them stopping only after several have bitten or bled on them. The virus is bloodborne and transferred through blood, saliva, bodily fluids from host to target.
This allows for ones fast enough and with the knowledge to purge the body of infection or possibly force light it away on the recently infected. The viral load in the body determining how hard it will be and with retro virals that can strengthen the immune system it can be stopped. However that data would have to be discovered and attained through interaction and risk of infection as even the smallest cut or drop of blood can begin the process.
Higher generations of the species are smarter, the first initial generation being able to retain more knowledge and thoughts of their own while later ones through infected and infected will diminish into rapid beasts. The process is much like the species and subjects they were based on the rakghouls with ones created by the talismen able to use weapons and tactics like a military unit while later generations had devolved into beasts that attacked anything not them.
Synthesizing a cure to the virus is easier then expected, in creating something able to alter humanoid species the anti serum to it was developed. Creating requires diagnosis of the symptoms and creating it to combat the virus. Its sentience and small ability to mask itself as a different virus (the common star wars cold) means that further reasoning for suspecting the origin and danger of it would need to be seen. Immunity to the virus would be harder to find, being transferred through bodily fluids makes its infection base easier but some species like polydroxial are immune with lack of blood or fluids. Creatures with stronger immune systems can slow the progress of the virus inside of them or jedi healers who are skilled in purging foreign infections from the bodies and applications of force light can eradicate the virus.
Irrigating and amputation of wounded limb or area is another way to stop or slow the spread of the infection. (granted if you do it several hours after initial infection it will be less and less effective) The wound site usually able to be identified by a raised bump were the virus entered the bloodstream swelling the skin into a reddish bump that can cause itching and irritation. Symptoms can begin to show and after the first tests on Rendili the viruses infection potency was altered to last longer and draw it out so it would be more subtle. Tests for alter it further may be needed to refine it down the line but the sentience of the virus allows it to try and protect itself by disguising itself as another sickness.
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[background=[b]Notable Player-Characters:[/b] Camellia Swift
[background=[b]Intent:[/b] To recreate a sithspawn species but explain more with the science end of it then the sith magic hoodoo part. Still keeping in elements of the mysticism but making it better able to have a cure down the line.
Note: PC infection requires permission