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Name: Elara Blake
Loyalties: One Sith
Elara is a servant to Balaya and sith initiate learning from her master as she ages (and eventually possibly becomes an actual PC character)

Reform the Padawan Pack and work with jedi in disguise to corrupt and infiltrate.

Development Threads:
Age: 12
Species: Human
Force-Sensitive: Yes
Appearance: Often dressed in a black robe with hood, Elara's garments are simple befitting her age and rank. She is an initiate and traveling companion to Balaya learning from her and the One Sith.
Personality: Elara has been hardened by her time with the sith, she still maintains a personality of carefree happiness but she knows how to be serious and stand her ground. her master's influence upon her showing her the need to find a cause and dedicate to it fully. When angered or nervous Elara now works to strike back and stop the problem, when speaking she maintains an even tone revealing very little.
Weapon of Choice:Wealth: 60 credits a week
Combat Function: Elara through the years has grown, the time under her master has taught her several spells and force powers. Skill with a lightsaber and tri-stunner. She has begun to take a stronger role in combat able to fight with her master and coordinate with other with and blackblades. Her command of Blackblade soldiers has also improved earnign her a little respect as a student of the Sith Warlord.
  • Trained with a tri stunner
  • Trained with sabers
  • Trained in push
  • Trained in pull
  • Trained in spark
  • Trained in fear
  • Trained in rage
  • Trained in Ears of the Chiroptix:
  • Trained in Revitalization of the Whuffa:
  • Trained in Scream of the Ssurian:
  • Trained in Sense of the Veshet:
  • Trained in Speed of the Toocha:
  • Trained in Surge of the Brier:
  • Trained in Touch of the Kiin'Dray:
Notable Possessions: None
Other Notes: Elara is an apprentice of Balaya and has a home in Kaine's castle as she does. This has afforded her a small amount of protection from the Blackblades. She has no command of them, she can't order themt o do stuff but they aren't going to let her die right away as long as she doesn't do something dumb. Her time with the sith master has let her learn from observation of her the basics of cruelty and force powers. Elara has slowly been growing colder and colder as she serves her master. Slowly over time as she has grown in her masters service she has become a competent magic user of Dathomiri spells and working to become a sith magic user hopefully. The minor combat sklills she has held have been improving and thanks to her battle against Sophia Walsh with her master in the Second battle of Alderaan, her battle against the Havoc Squad in the first battle of Alderaan and fighting the Mandalorians on coruscant. She has become a dangerous child soldier within the One Sith.

  • Fought in First Battle of Alderaan
  • Fought in Second Battle of Alderaan
  • Fought in First Battle of Empress Teta
  • Fought in Second Battle of Coruscant
  • Member of the Padawan Pack