Citizens of the Eternal Empire!

Today, a long era is over. In recent years, we have always supported the Sith Empire in the Third Civil War, mostly in defence; we felt it was important that the Eastern regions should remain stable due to the danger of Bryn’adûl and that mass-killing beasts would not rush down the entire galaxy. However, there is always a point where aspirations can no longer continue. Now we have reached such an important point again.

During the siege of Ziost, I had the opportunity to negotiate with Lord Cedric Grayson, and earlier during the captivity with Lord Julius Haskler. Given these two negotiations and the state of the war, the Eternal Empire decided that we would no longer be able to support the Sith Empire and the Eastern Regions in this war by military means.

After the siege of Ziost, we delivered the official documents to the Sith Government, to the Pillars and dissolved the Mutual Defensive Pack by mutual consent. The Eternal Empire has thus ended its participation in the Third Civil War and, as a neutral party, we are stepping back into the background, leaving the eastern region. From this day on, we will again treat the Alliance led by Adhira Chandra as neutral again; we're not looking for war, we don't want to fight with anyone.

However, we will continue to offer humanitarian assistance to all parties who need it, just as we have played a neutral peacekeeping role on demand. Respectively, we will continue to receive refugees from all parts of the galaxy as long as they can prove that they have not committed war crimes.

We will turn our attention entirely against the threats of the other Sith, the Maw and the Bryn’adûl, as these are the most important issues in the galaxy right now.

Long live the Empire!