Yeah, so this blog is here for *gasp* me to whine about things that bother me IRL. I've been taking up status updates with that and annoying people. I'd honestly rather annoy people with song lyrics and snark in my status updates, instead. More fun that way.​
To start off, I'm going to make one request: If I say something that you feel is uncomfortable to read about my own life, or somebody else's, for frak's sake call me out on it. I'll either address it or say "oh, well, that was my issue and somebody needed to hear about it."​

Anyway, all of that was just a lead-in for me to give a very specific example of why strep sucks total balls: It can apparently cause enough irritation for you to cough a cut in the back of your throat.​
So, I basically spent my day coughing and sneezing little bits of blood. Yay me! My mom tried to force-feed me half a gallon of hot tea to cauterize the cut. What I got was a feeling like somebody was stabbing me... and then more blood-sneezing.​
Add to that being stopped on the train on the way to school. The person sitting next to me, who's probably a very nice guy for doing so no matter how much I wanted to flip him the finger, pointed at the bloody tissue in my hand and asked, "Is that blood?" This was followed by a 'suggestion' (from the cop he called over) to go home.​
I went home, got back on the train, and ended up at school five hours late. One class left in the day. Whoop-de-frikkin'-do.​

TL;DR: Google a picture of the strep bacteria and flip it the bird for a minute. Pretty please?​