A teacher of mine in medical school once said told me, "A good scientist documents his feelings and opinion as fact. If you feel doubt, write about it until the doubt is either certainty of a mistake, or it's nonexistent."
Great words from the guy who taught me how to make explosives.
The wisdom of this, however, didn't escape me. I've decided that starting today, with this new clinic, I'm documenting how I feel about everything I see. Complete with insults and - Oh frak, I've gone and dropped my holopad again.
Back on topic: Golden Coast City. Bit of an exaggeration, as far as size goes. Compared to things I've seen on Csilla, or even Tatooine, this town is small. But, it's definitely big enough to play host to all the criminals and drug addicts I've already seen.
I seriously doubt that the church down the street does anything even slightly related to religion, as one of the "holy sisters" decided to engage in a drinking contest with me that ended in her pulling me into a closet and a slightly less-than-scientific experiment with the strength of Zeltron pheromones. Nice girl, though. Maybe I should give her a call sometime.
And,the bars. I found one that I'm already rather fond of, called the Dirty Beach. My first time in there, I saw an actual bar fight. Not the kind where people simply punch each other. The kind where you duck behind the bar and slowly and carefully pick people off while they try to shoot holes in each other. I was disappointed to find out how rusty I was. Being in school for a couple of years must've softened me up.

The one thing I didn't enjoy was the spice dens. I don't care how alcoholic I get, spice will always be far worse. Just in the first week I've been here, I've had spice addicts lining up in my front room with all sorts of weird wounds. Some of 'em even had organs missing, or some really obvious amputations that might've been done themselves.
There's something up with this town, but I'm enjoying it so far.
- Lorane Azure, MD. PhD.