When I said there was something up with Golden Coast, I was right. There aren't enough words in any of the three languages I know to describe how right I was. I should be shooting fireworks off that spell out how I'm a genius and a blue-skinned god...
Okay, maybe not... But I was right.
When I went to the 'church', one of the priests mistook me for a different Chiss and gave me a crate of rockets for a launcher that I didn't have. Then he took a look at my handguns and offered to buy them off me, but I said no. Don't need people running around and reverse-engineering my tech.
The bartender at the Dirty Beach is a nice guy. Got some of his employees to help me set up my clinic. I let them gape all they wanted at the Bluebird and all the guns and tech I have lying around. Look, not touch, though. Last thing I want is some gun-ho kid thinking he can get his hands all over my stuff.
The bar itself also seems to be a front for something, though. Not too far away is this spiffy building that everybody refers to as 'Hotel Zeltros'. The amount of awe, fear, and sometimes admiration that people have when they talk about it leads me to believe that the Hotel is probably a branch of some crime syndicate or another.
Fun place, Chroma Zed. I wonder if the rest of the planet is like this, too.
- Lorane Azure, MD. PhD