As an adherent to a version of our faith with some similarities to the Sith Empire’s Sith Eternalism, I would like to describe my viewpoints and the benefits of them. I must admit that I have found myself disgusted by the short sightedness and institutional frailty of those who claim themselves to be my peers, so in that order I have decided to describe a less flawed Sith ideology. Do not get me wrong. We will always be Sith, and I love my faith, which I am dedicated to the survival of - in its beautiful tapestry of a myriad of many different forms, shapes, and ideals. I would never want us to be anything lesser, and certainly I would never wish us to be so weak and hypocritical as Jedi, but we must take certain lessons of long lasting galactic governments to heart. And that lesson? That rulership by fear is often crippled by the fact it is temporary.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that rulership by fear is temporary. Absolute power is a pit full of lies uttered by whispering vipers that in their days have often proved to have no staying power, and one must dig to fight the truths within that pit. The truth that I have found is that absolute power can only be achieved through the absolute loyalty of the populations we exercise suzerainty over, something that can be achieved in many ways. This is but my method. I for one wish for my people to cheer and have celebrations when I do so much as step foot on their worlds. The Sith dream of a united empire spanning the Dark Realms, from Byss and Dromund Kaas all the way to the depths of space within which Kesh is nestled - yet we are splintered, and benefit from the lack of wisdom left to us by Darth Sidious.

This empire will not be possible while our worlds are in constant rebellion, and especially not while our rival nation-states are populated by a citizenry convinced they must rescue our citizens which, contrary to thoughts amongst the Sith, we do in fact require the loyalty of to succeed. This can be evidenced by the on-going uprising of the New Imperial Order against the Sith Empire, as the population had decided they no longer wanted to be used as bantha fodder in petty feuds and wars with no end, and so the Sith were deprived of entire castes that could have been loyal by ignoring this population's needs and serving only their own. The people of this galaxy deserve and require a strong, central authority - absolute and glorious - and the protections and privileges provided by Sith Knights, Lords, and Emperors, but too often the strong central authorities are so consumed by themselves and their small, self serving thoughts or twisting of what it means to be Sith Lords - which is nothing more or less to than the destiny to rule, whether that be from the shadows or from thrones - that they forget that they require the confidence of the people as well, and that the people often feel as though they play no part in Sith regimes, that they have no impact on Sith regimes, that they are small and unimportant. This is untrue, as evidenced by the talents of the loyal hordes of certain Sith, and the efficacy of their Imperial bureaucrats, and the material value of the working population of a world.

The crux of a happy population underneath the Sith will be a robust society free of speciesism, sexism, and hatred of nonconformists. The masses will not accept the steady and solid rule of an aSith regime until they no longer fight fang and claw for survival. When a sector’s denizens are not loyal, there is no unity. Without unity, there is weakness. Where there is weakness, there will be failures. Where there are failures there will be the falling of the heads of leaders within this system, cast onto the ground after being removed by the blades of this sector’s population when they tired of incompetent rulers with dreams of little more than being a ruler that can do whatever they wish.

One of many possible remedies would be the establishment of a healthcare and food provision system with some measure of socialization and organized, government leadership in said systems. This would deprive our ideological enemies of the fire in their claims, and produce a larger percentage of workers, warriors, and followers that are fitter and healthier and more loyal than ever before. And certainly these warriors would be happier to serve us, and less likely to use the skills the institutional war machines so characteristic of my beloved Sith might teach them to mutiny and spread insurrection and talk of overthrow.

Imagine a world being “rescued” by the moral supremacists and religious fanaticals of the Galactic Alliance or Silver Jedi Concorde the people of that world stand up, say “no”, and fight back because they are happy with our rule, aware of the benefits of staying with us or perhaps fearing the Jedi because of the horrors they wrought during the sinking of Ahto City; the venting of stations with civilians - children - on board; the unleashing of earthquakes by a supposed ‘light sider’ - a Jedi Master - on a civilian population; the bombardment of our sacred home, Korriban, a happening that still brings fury to my heart; or the clash of the Grayson Imperium and Republic on Kuat. We must remember these horrors, teach our populations of them, and make sure they know as we know that they are better off with us for even the Old Republic, vaunted and long lasting as it may have been, let them starve while we do not. Imagine that. That is my vision. An empire recognizing that the Jedi are in fact worse than the Sith.

In addition, I call for an end to speciest chattel slavery on a galactic scale, and an end to speciesism in general. My people have long been deprived of their ability to serve the Sith in an appropriate manner. Instead of reforms, we have a power that could benefit a Sith regime taken away from us by sealing it in chains. Some of the best warriors in the galaxy, amongst others like the Mandalorians who were left with the disgusting, cannibalistic Graug on their homeworld instead of being given a chance contribute to a great Empire, unused or even targeted just as the Mandalorians would often be - though I should note that any Sith who disagrees can feel free to challenge me on this notion in personal combat. It is unimaginable that the Sith and Imperials of the past have not sided with one like me and seen the benefits of a loyal wookiee population, a proud culture that produces warriors of great legend - such as Chewbacca himself, who challenged the Dark Lords of the Sith and survived - yet it is truth. Ask yourselves if your chattel slave populations are really meeting their full potential under your suzerainty, and if their species' unique traits, culture, and technologies might be better served were they to be reformed to be loyal to you. It is yet another shame that the Sith of the past have not earned the honor of a more permanent loyalty from the Mandalorians. Perhaps the lack of Mandalorian and wookiee loyalty is why our religion suffers from the chronic symptoms of repeated failure.

It is through these methods, the establishment of a loyal population, that I prescribe the bare minimum a ruler should be expected of. Of course, controlling what lies can enter a population’s mind is always an important component of rule. Of course, having a steady supply of force-sensitives to train is important to many varieties of Sith - save for the Rule of Two. Of course, there will always be a slave caste, as is just. Of course, sometimes we must destroy that which opposes us. And of course, one should be able to exercise their power in virtually any way they wish, but the key thing to remember is that having power is not about being able to exercise it. When you have true power, you understand when to use it and how, and when not to. Just because you possess a power does not mean you should harness it at every available moment. We are still Sith, as we have been, and always will be in perpetuity. We are proud, and brilliant, and powerful, and all knowing, yet at many steps throughout history we have brought about our own destruction. I will not allow us to destroy ourselves again, and ask you to think of methods of your own to obtain the absolute loyalty of a population, for a population that will rise up to sustain us is the key to absolute power. I, however, know which path my Sith will follow - one of progression, and a power that trickles up from the lowest class of citizen to my throne.