Dear Diary,
It's now day 22 of my operations to seek the attention of my secret crush. But, the issue is she is always busy. I mean I can understand why. She is the Eye of Dark Lord after all. I try to get her attention. I slaughter innocents, consume the light, offer my dark powers to her Vahl Temples. And yet senpai refuses to notice me.
Some days I wish all these dark feels I have that make me want to do unspeakable dark things to her could just be purged much like the Jedi after Order 66. Sigh. Alas, I am to suffer the non-attention of senpai.
They say force lightening hurts, but not being noticed by the one who's attention you seek the most hurts far greater.
Anyways, the struggle continues.
Until next time my dark diary.
Sincerely Evil,
Darth Hauntruss