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Tucked into a blanket of red clothes and wrapped in sheets of black was a small girl - not past 5 years old. Her fuzzy mess of black hair flapped around her as she clung to the sides of her pillow. Looming above the small child's bed was a dark figure that gaze down at her with burning golden eyes. Her skin was tainted red and her hair a bleak shade of silver. Darth Hauntruss watched her daughter slumber with silent breathes. The Sith Lady, infamous around the galaxy as one of the most vile and feared Sith Masters, was silent and unusually soft in her force presence.
Hauntruss stretched out her black gloved fingers and with her other hand removed the glove to reveal her red hand covered in black scars. In a gentle caress, Hauntruss brushed a lock of hair from the child's face revealing her cherub like appearance. Hauntruss smiled. "Oh little one." she hissed. "How you remind me of my daughters I lost long ago." Hauntruss then stopped and recoiled her hand. She knew what would come. She knew what she would do to this poor child, her own child, her own spawn in order to seal her legacy and renew her fate.
Her golden Sith eyes which usually bore a menacing glare and softened into round eyes of motherly tenderness. Her eyes sparkled with a thin veil of tears.
"I am sorry little one. But, I must hurt you, break you and make you suffer." Hauntruss wept. "and then when you are forged into the darkness that brought about my existence. Then I will set you free. By then you may hate me or fear me."
Hauntruss ignoring her instincts of darkside reserve, leaned in to gently kiss the small girl on her cheek.
"You may never know it...But, mother loves you. She loves you very much." the Sith whispered. "and one day, mother will go. And you will save her."

[Slightly Serious IC Post for this one; btw this is Hauntruss speaking, I as the writer am not leaving haha]