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Minor Faction Romi Jade's Praxeum Address

Romi Jade's Praxeum Address
The Great Jedi Library, Ossus
Regarding A New Outlook & A New Initiative

In Collaboration with the Ossus Initiative


In the wake of adversity, we find ourselves back on an ancient world that has strong ties to our origin. Much in the same way as Ossus, we too have been left barren and scarred after all the carnage that has ensued in such a short span of time. But, I believe that it's been pre-destined we return here, to our roots, to rebuild. Our pilgrimage here was necessary, to reclaim the birthplace of our Order.

Despite the loss of the Jakku Enclave, the Enclave Network itself remains intact. The mechanism that binds all current satellite facilities remains in place, and are likely needed more than ever as the Jedi across the Galaxy adjust. Several academies remain on high alert but are open nonetheless, and we are consistently reclaiming our history by rediscovering academic structures lost to us over time.

We all can agree that the Jedi principles need to be continuously protected as well as freely discussed in independent and non-political spaces.

Stipends will resume, and study abroad programs are being worked out in collaboration with various other organizations. They will relaunch soon.

Now, this Jedi Praxeum will join existing structures in cooperative connection. Just as we always have, we'll be working together to train new Jedi who can make moral judgments on their own and have the options of different environments that prioritize different skills, Code interpretations, and degrees of allegiance, but all within the bounds of Jedi tradition. Here, Jedi will contemplate a wider view of the Force.

The governance of this training facility will be maintained by a Council. I'd like to introduce you to colleagues of mine and our new Councilors, Masters Valery Noble & Jax Thio . Other than Jedi training, the Council will be responsible for the administration of the Praxeum and the Library.

Our mission will also consist of the reconstruction and oversight of the Great Jedi Library. Several thousands of years ago, the original library stood as the physical embodiment of the Jedi's dedication to knowledge. It's our duty to provide a space for the greatest thinkers in our history, to lay the foundation for recording all that's new to us, examining the past, and absorbing the traditions around us.

We've already established a focal point of operations here in what is to serve as the new base of knowledge, but know that this will be a long and arduous project as we work to re-establish this long lost cultural center as a whole. This ongoing rehabilitation project will extend into healing this world while regaining our footing. The Council has suggested our next objective should be to resettle Knossa City, and this project will see our members work with the Ossus Initiative with the aim at reconstructing the capital.

Deployment is set to begin soon.
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