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  • Created and refined the caries for the Lords of shadow
  • Smith of the Black Forge on Aza'zoth
  • Dueled jedi master on Dantooine (lost in wipe)
  • Master of the Spire Forge
  • Governess of Bastion
  • Crafter of the Unseelie
  • Bust of the Emperor
  • Hand of Kaine
  • Fought on Ossus
  • Co-creator of the Emperors war slaves
  • Created Krag's sith armor and sword
  • Dueled Karen Roberts on Dac
  • Hound of The One Sith
  • Dueled Sochi Ru, Antarus Windu and Vulpesen on Troiken
  • Fought in the mandalorian Insurrection (Masks of Madness)
  • Attended the party (Masks of Madness)
  • Went back in Time (Masks of Madness)
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  • Invasion of Dac dueled Karen Roberts