Crafting a Weapon
Blood Diamonds (COMPLETED)​
Bisset works to help create an amulet to earn a Qixoni Crystal for her Lightsaber​
Heart of the Mountains (COMPLETED)​
Reine goes to M'haeli to obtain a Dragite Crystal for her Lightsaber​
The Last of a Set (COMPLETED)​
Reine arrives on Sullust to retrieve a Lignan Crystal for her lightsaber​
A raid on Bastion gives Reine the Phrik she needs to craft the hilt of her Lightsaber​

I Need No Master
Practice Makes Perfect (COMPLETED)​
Reine trains herself on Raxus Prime in the Art of Movement and Telekinesis.​
The First Steps
Heart of Darkness (COMPLETED)​
Posing as a celebrity hosting a documentary, Reine and a hired group go to Korriban to obtain information on Sith spells and Force abilities. They're met with a lone Jedi who finds out who they are... but stays her hand, letting Reine et all depart.​
Following a general call for aid, Reine appears to help seize a crippled ship for the Fringe. The pay? All the loot she desires. The only problems are simple: Other looters and the current owners. With the knowledge of the darkside locked away on board at stake, Reine knows full well she cannot fail...​
Incomplete/Abandoned Threads
Beginning of a New Day (INCOMPLETE/ABANDONED)​
Reine happens across a pearl from a Greater Krayt Dragon. The trick is getting the pearl away from the Hunter.​
Do the Necronomican (INCOMPLETE/ABANDONED)​
Reine lives among the Witches of Dathomir who tutor her in the ways of raising the dead.​
Season of the Witch (INCOMPLETE/ABANDONED)​
Reine attends a meeting of the Witches of Dathomir to decide their leadership​
Reine follows a small band of Jedi on Onderon in the hopes of finding information on the whereabouts of potential, local Sith artifacts.​
Black Market Boogaloo (INCOMPLETE/ABANDONED)
After the events on Korriban, Reine heads to Nal Hutta in search of Sith artifacts. A quiet job turns into an all out brawl when a local scavenger decides to meddle in Reine's affairs.​