What is the Force? How does it work? Is it created by life? Or is life created by the Force? So many questions, but so few answers.
The Jedi believe in Peace and Tranquility. Of Balance and Just Cause. Pathetic. The only real use of the Force is Power. Without the Force, there is no Power. Without Power, there is nothing. The two are one in the same and the Darkside leads to this understanding. The few texts and snippets of information I have found point to this knowledge.
Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to the Darkside.
This is what the Jedi preach from their vaunted podiums and balconies to the rest of the Galaxy.
They are wrong.
Fear leads to Anger, yes. This much is evident and proven.
Anger leads to Hate. Again, this is obvious and the path here is well trodden and worn.
Hate leads to Rage. Rage grants Power. Power manifests itself in the Dark Side of the Force.
This is the Truth. The Jedi have lied to all.
There is no Peace, no Tranquility, no Balance, no "Just Cause". All of this is a lie. These are but chains and shackles to those who would seek the Truth placed upon us by the Jedi who sit in their towers and temples above us all. The Truth, the only Truth, is in Power.
Power is what sets us free. To do this we must understand the Force. We must understand the Dark Side.
And I... Will show you how...