We are bound by the lies of the Jedi. They have set before us all the four Walls of Untruth. These Walls consist of the four greatest lies established by the Jedi Order: Peace, Tranquility, Balance, and Just Cause.
The only way to freedom is fear. We must fear these Walls, not for what they hide, but for what they are. Thus fear turns to anger: anger at what these Walls hide from us.
We must use this anger and lash out at the Walls, at these Untruths. When anger is used in such a way, it turns into Hate. Only Hate can tear down the Walls the Jedi have placed before us and only then can one find Power where it lies on the other side of the Walls.
Power is the only Truth, though even Power can be disguised. The Jedi lie to us and claim that true Power is found within the Walls. No. Power is found beyond the Walls. But this is not true Power. Power it is, but it lacks conviction. It lacks the strength and the raw energy of Absolute, True Power.
This True Power is only ever attainable through the Dark Side.
Only through embracing the Dark Side of the Force do we taste True Power.