Across the galaxy, local broadcasts were interrupted by grainy footage of the inflamed crowds gathered outside of Sakedo Tower. What had begun as a peaceful protest of the Corporate Authorities of Denon had erupted into violence.

Unbeknownst to many confused viewers, the airing was engineered by the Shadowrunners of Darkwire, intent on televising the CorpSec brutality if even only for a short while. Images of uniformed officers beating protestors flashed across the screen, shot from a linear field of view. Muffled screaming and shouting accompanied the transmission static. Canisters of dispersion agents were fired. Crowds were pushed back, then surged forward again as they fought the tide of CorpSec enforcers. The poignant image of someone spitting on a CorpSec visor flickered into view.

After a few minutes, some networks were able to cut the rogue broadcast and return to their regular programs. Other stations had no choice but to continue to air the livestream of events from Sakedo Tower. Most of the interrupted programs were those based within the Core and Inner Rim. On the holonet, videos of the protest shot from different angles exploded in popularity. On the cryptnet, the video streams freely in case of a public holonet shutdown.