TO // Thirdas Heavenshield

I know we haven’t talked much, but I want you to take care of my sister. Sisters, I guess. I don’t know how it happened, but apparently, you mean a lot to both of them. I haven’t really been around since we were all kids, and I must have missed a lot with those two. Time really flies, and I guess until recently I still thought of them as my baby sisters. Which they still are, to be clear.

But they aint little kids no more.

Kyra Perl used to complain about you all the time. No, seriously, she hated your guts. Behind all that, she was just worried that you were taking her big sister away. You know, I’m sure we’d all die for each other but Kyra and Nida have always been especially close. The day Kyra was born, all Nida wanted was to be near her. That hasn’t stopped since. But life happens, and I guess when you stepped into the picture it was hard for her. You weren’t there to take Nida away, I get that. I know your brother, Theo. I know how important family is to the Heavenshields, and that you guys don’t go around breaking families up.

And then things changed. I’m not sure how exactly, which is on me for not being around. But you became an important person to Kyra, too. The way she talks about you—when she does—is different. She respects you, maybe even loves you like a brother. She’s grown up a lot in the past few years. I was worried at first, because I know that she had a hard time leaving home. Kyra has always been strong, even if she didn’t feel it sometimes. I’m proud of the person she’s become. Don’t tell her that.

Nida is a different story, but at the same time, not really that different you know? She came to us as a toddler, or something around that. I was pretty young too, so it didn’t feel awkward. She was just always there. Quiet, but there. Kyra and I were the loud, obnoxious ones. By comparison, Nida was quiet and timid. Always in the shadows, on the sidelines, but there.

I love her to death, but we never thought she’d change. She didn’t like strangers, never could talk to them. Boys were the worst. Ashla, she’d go all red and couldn’t make a sound. Then she met you, and something changed. Still quiet and gentle, bar her weird foray into the Sith, but more open. Lighter, happier, whatever.

I guess you really must have made her feel safe and loved, which is all I can ask for my little sister.

I know you’re getting married. I don’t even know if you guys are engaged yet, but let’s be honest, you’re gonna get hitched at some point. Nida’s getting out soon, maybe wait until after her Jedi vision quest, yeah? By the way, I sent you a little something for that. You guys have been apart long enough, so hopefully the mindstones will help you guys connect while on opposite sides of the galaxy. Just don’t ask how I got them.

Anyway, thank you for taking care of my sisters where I dropped the ball. They’re good kids, I’m glad they have someone like you to rely on.

Keep it up, Jawline.