Toadies' album Rubberneck, is an artistic masterpiece. It combines themes of everyday life, depression, joy and all aspects of human nature. The artistic genius and effort that this album took was massive, which is what partly made this album so popular. Vaden Todd Lewis' perfect vocals and mesmerizing riffs, Mark Reznicek's insanely complicated drumming patterns, Lisa Umbarger's enticing bass lines, all of these things compile together to create a theme that touches emotion while not being "whiny" in a sense. "Away", in particular and along with "I Burn", are the oddities of the album. Both songs are amazing, but away highlights themes of despair, happiness and moving on, making the song more meaningful. The amazing configuration and cooperation throughout the song, paired with the other aspects listed, is what makes "Away" one of the best songs Toadies best album.