Incubus has rocked millions with their So-Cal style rock jams that are typically revered for their songs like "Drive" and "Stellar". Many people don't look any further into this band because they believe that they are sort of an RHCP rip off. They aren't. Many of their old albums contain well made songs, but their greatest album (in my opinion) lies dormant, like nobody has touched it for years. This, the most underrated album I've ever seen (sorry Toadies), is known as Morning View, which was made in 2002. Morning View contains many masterpieces, mainly because of Brandon Boyd's amazing vocals in songs like "Warning" and "Just a Phase", and the fluidity of mixing of DJ Kilmore's amazing effects mixed with Mike Einziger's lucrative guitar playing in this album. But the most unique, and in my opinion, well mad song in this album is "Are You In?". "Are You In?" plays with your emotions by mixing themes of emptiness, sadness, happiness and togetherness, giving a bubbly and almost indescribable feeling to the listener. Not to mention amazing bass playing from Alex Katunich.