In response to Ipali Torru Senator Concordian of the Silver Jedi Concord
Compromise. In all walks of leadership, negotiation, may be necessary evil to meet the desired end. Today...the Silver Jedi have called on its people...and called on the Galaxy to compromise. To compromise with the Sith Empire. The New Imperial Order made its attempt at compromise, on Xo. In reply to our demands to meet a cease fire, the Sith delegation flung insults and sought to deem pathetic and worthless the very men and women who ripped their throne world asunder and brought the Sith Empire to its knees, the men and women who forced its once Dark Lord into hiding and broke the most heavily fortified planet on the Galaxy at Bastion.

Yet now...we are given a plea, by the Silver Jedi to make peace and forgive the Sith Empire. To compromise. To stand side by side with the Sith Empire against the Bryn'adul. I must ask in the Silver Jedi truly expect the sons and daughters of Mandalore to compromise? To make peace with the very insidious Empire who ripped their worlds asunder, wrought genocide unto their people and threatened the annihilation of their ever indomitable creed from the Galaxy forever? Do you ask the Mon Calamari and the Quarren on Dac to make peace with the very entity which poisoned its oceans.

Proud Ession, Alderaan. Kashyyyk, Commenor, Thyferra, Concord home, Dantooine all put to the fire by the Sith Empire. The worlds of Muunilinst and Mygeeto bathed in nuclear fire when it became apparent to the Sith that they had lost. And you ask us to compromise? To lay to rest these grievances with the most depicable scions of terror and darkness? So that they might be safe and secure to turn their crimson blades back unto use and continue their reign of terror?

There is nothing but delusion in this line of thought.

Compromising would've left me...and those who marched with me in defiance still as pawns to the Dark Lord, to bring forth their horrid atrocities as I was commanded to on Kintan by the nigh threat of death. There is no compromise with Darkness, the Sith, the Bryn'adul.

There is no lesser evil, there is only evil. And in these fires of evil dawning, the New Imperial Order will douse them from this mortal realm.

Though those of virtue decry our methods, we are proven in doing what needs to be done. As we did in Operation Kyber Dark, as we will continue to.

The frivolous ideological stake between Republic and Empire need be set to the wayside in the shadow of terror, in the face of evil.

The Silver Jedi might have more tolerance and forgiveness for their government when it openly commits itself to the defense of the despicable Sith Empire but I know when the Imperial's patience was spent, we willed our vengeance, our defiance unto our supposed Sith Masters and broke their shackles over us. We took control of our future and that put fear into the hearts of those who have so unjustly wielded power in decadence and corruption over their people. Should the government of the Silver Jedi arrive at the warfront of the Third Imperial Civil War without the prior warning or assurance of safety from both sides, it knows that it is placing itself at the nexus of crisis, to drum up its people into supporting its lunacy.

So I ask of the true Jedi. The warriors of Light who see through the virtue of their not submit yourself to a government that would so weakly and delusional to align itself with a dark creed which states Peace is a Lie and wishes for your existential destruction.

The Imperials did not tolerate it...

Neither should you...

N E W _ I M P E R I A L _ O R D E R
The Will of Defiance