Citizens of the Galaxy,

I reach out to all of you this day with a personal message of devotion to the future of our Nation, but so too all Nations outside of the Silver territories who value democracy, peace and a prosperous future for all generations to come. While I am unable to speak of the Chancellor’s behalf nor my fellow Senators of the Concord, I can offer this to you.

Over the last year alone, we have seen countless world’s razed under the Bryn’adul threat. Entire races and populations wiped out while this new enemy seeks to consume all that is not in line with their own. We have committed thousands of lives to combat this threat and over and over, have bled and suffered from this menace who is not to be underestimated any longer.

The Order of the Silver Jedi do not share our views, our recent talks of peace and a united front against this great foe. They believe the Force will save them, and yet I have known Jedi and Sith alike to fall to this threat, likely with many more to come if we do not stand together as a Galaxy and stake our claim on the future.

During a meeting of the Senate today, word reached my ear of trouble brewing in the Northern territories regarding the Imperial bloc and Sith. The trouble that if left to fester may drastically undermine this Galaxy’s ability to combat a threat that does not discriminate in who it targets, in those who are victimized and killed.

I believe in the strength of conviction, and in the integrity of one’s virtues, standing for the ideologies of one’s government and so I do understand that history between these parties plays a sombre tune in the ears of all. However, I too believe in compromise when the majority is at stake and I also believe that the threat of the Bryn’adul is one that cannot be ignored least our people continue to suffer them.

It is for this reason that I ask hostilities to cease, and that I, Ipalli Torru, intend to be present at any violent exchange in the hope of deterring the costs of war so detrimental to societies surviving the Bryn’adul Horde.

To those, I may encounter, know that I am not a violent man but I seek to bring only the power of diplomacy and dialogue. Your People are not my own, and yet they too will see this threat if we do not come together, it is with the hope that we can spare the Galaxy any further injustice so that we have a future worth such a dire cost that we have already begun to pay.

Ipalli Torru,
Senator Concordian,
The Silver Concord.