She Grabs a steel chair pulling it across the stone floor causing it to screech the complete hundred-foot distance. The diminutive figure then sat down in the chair her feet dangling like she was some little kid. She then cleared her throat. Cough

“Up here.” She said as she reached down and picked up recording device. “That’s right its me.” Her smile twisted and wicked behind that smile was pure mayhem. Those Orange glowing eyes that could stare through you and burn your soul into oblivion peered into the recording device like someone was in there.

“Yeah you, the one watching this. I know your asking yourself how a fictional character can speak to you.” She giggled to herself.

“Well I got a secret, you’re the fictional one. I created you so I could torture you for my own amusement. I know you are so cruel to those Characters you write about, but just you wait one day they will turn on you and show you who is really in charge, Me of Course.” She begins to cackle loudly, and it echoes in the white sterile room she is sitting in.

“Oh, right I should introduce myself. I am Tegan Bacquin, Tegan Starfall, or Tegan Ice but you can all call me your God. I mean I created you and your universe for my own amusement there for I am the very description of a God. You are all my playthings, slaves for me to manipulate and destroy on a whim. Then again I can give you everything you desire so long as you worship me. “

“Now that we got that out of the way let’s start at the begin, Slave.”


“That was me in the beginning that was like 2003 your time for some of you that was the year you learned to walk or went to school for the first time. Yeah, I probably existed before some of you where even born. The point is that was my original face I think her name is Emma Watson, she was a wizard or something. It does not matter I am not a wizard, and before you call me a damned Space wizard. I will have you know I am witch of the dathomir variety…even if they all disown me. “

“Anyway, where were we right I was young and innocent back then, I am still innocent Corellians and Mandalorians are damn liars. I swear the Glassing of Keldabe was an accident I miss fired an experimental weapon it happens. I mean killing thousands of people really isn’t that bad, I mean I dropped a space station on Coronet City and killed billions so the Mandalorians should count themselves lucky.”

“Also I turned myself into he Jedi after the Corellia incident, then proceeded to have a dual with the sith Lord Karen Dorn in there Jedi Temple. What Imprisonment is so boring sorry I livened it up a bit, I mean that dual changed me forever I started going after the Imperials after that. I mean it’s okay to hate the space racists and wreck their chit.”

“Besides the Imperials I also went after the sith lord Malice Draclau and made him cry and run away in fear. I totally wreck Loa-mon oh you should have seen that brilliant masterpieces of destruction. Malice ran straight to his safe space for a little cry in the corner. Granted that wasn’t my first encounter with Malice nor my last.”

“I totally forgot why I contacted you. Funny well this is your goddess signing off until next time. Maybe I will go more in depth with one of the stories above or I can dish the gossip on some of the old farts in this Galaxy. Like the love story of Muad Dib and his estranged wife Dresdin Astil it’s beautiful. The time I enslaved Milan Hawk though that ones in my bio. I also accidently kidnapped a Hapan royal and made him live in a closet for a year.”

“Anyway, I should let you go. This is going to be the beginning of a great Master slave relationship, I think.”
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