Yikes. The past... How long has it been? Ten days? Twenty? Feels like a month. Its been a blur this whole time. Work, sleep, Chaos, EVE, work, sleep, work, sleep, Chaos, EVE, sleep, sleep, eat...

The 15-20 hour shifts are doing me in slowly. I have to check my phone twice to remember what day it is and I'm fairly certain if it wasn't for the concept of house windows I'd never have a regular sleep schedule... Quasi regular sleep schedule... I'd sleep eventually, okay??

Anyways. A lot has happened so far on EVE. First off, still making things. Still building stuff. Hooking up Captain Larraq with frigates and cruisers, got Jorus Merrill set up in a mess of Rifters and some Thrashers. Still pumping out cruisers for my corp and such. Its not that bad, honestly. A little tedious, a bit dull here and there, but it changes up enough to make things interesting.

I started roaming more with the corporation as well. My pirate alt, the one you guys saw in my last kill mail, has been roaming a bit. I also have a second alt. My main is the shipbuilder and miner, my secondary is my pirate and fast attack pilot. This one... This one is my brawler. What do you do with a brawler? You put them in a Maller. Get it? Maller? Brawler? Okay, maybe I'm the only one laughing, but still. Anyways.

The maller is the tankiest cruiser in the game for the tech/tier 1 cruisers. Its big, its nasty, and it has A LOT of armor. Sure, other cruisers are faster or can do more damage or have better capacitor stability... But the Maller beats them all in pure armor plating. Its just plain nasty.

We went on some PvE roams, shot up rats, made some great ISK, and generally did the usual thing. I'm sure you've all seen Larraq's blog, so you know we got ambushed at one point. You also probably know thay we shredded them. It was pretty awesome.

What happened a little while after, though, was interesting. We were PvE roaming again and had found a nice, juicy site when all of a sudden an unknown ship shows up. Just casually lands real close by. The general thought was, though, that they'd not noticed the other ships on the anomaly we were on. So, low sec being low sec, we decided to welcome our newfound visitor in true EVE style: by locking on to them and warming up our pew pew.

That is, until our Fleet Commander (FC) started telling us to warp out. Specifically those folks from other corporations that weren't from the FC's corporation. I know how to follow orders and so did the others. We stopped locking on, aligned to something (anything), and bailed. Why would we run away from a lone ship landing near us? Well, it's quite simple.

As in warped out, I saw why the lone ship showed up. He was also in a fleet and he was the scout. As I pulled into warp and left, I watched a super carrier land on top of where we were. Our FC and a few others were blue, and therefore friendly, to the newcomer's corporation... But we weren't. Yes, they belly flopped a fleet led by a friendly to try and kill the neutrals in said fleet.

Welcome to EVE.

I'd aligned out, warped to a gate, and got into Futzchag. Remember Futzchag? The place with the campers and lovely people I paid to have killed? Yup, same place. Warped to the old station I remember with fond feelings... Mostly the fond feelings of "they can't blow up the station, I think I'm okay now" and docked up. Thing is, as I docked, I saw thirteen ships camping the station. Thirteen. I was flatly amazed they didn't kill me somehow as I showed up.

I warned my fleet who, for whatever reason, shows up to "help." Well, their help landed them with on logistics ship being blown apart and not much else. They wound up just as stuck as me. We all either jump clone out or kill off our clones to get back to Gamis and out of camper city. All of us, that is, except one person. You know him, you love him, and there's undoubtedly someone among the factory or staff that has seriously thought about grabbing that handy sledgehammer :


Stubborn karker sat there. SAT THERE. Refused to budge. It was a frigging Mexican standoff in space. He sat there for almost TWO HOURS until they got bored and left. Go. Frigging. Figure.

Anyways, we ended up PvP roaming afterwards with frigates and destroyers. Got some nice kills, too. They're mostly on Larraq's blog, so I won't repost them right now.

I managed to go back later and got my cruiser and moved it back up to Gamis. It got blown up later in a baiting attempt to try and catch a gate camper. It kinda worked as the camper was killed, but not before we got swarmed and nearly podded.

Anyways, that's that. There are other things going on now.

Not long ago, there was a slight altercation between a corp director and a German mining foreman from another corp. Long story short, the foreman was PvEing in a carrier... And the director killed him. They cried tears, made us red to their corp, so we did the same.

This morning I logged on to find that someone had shot at three of our customs stations and one of our control towers. Who could it be? Oh, look, it was the Krauts.

At first I was concerned. These guys were playing since 2003 or 2008. These were VETERANS. ELITE pilots with DECADES of experience. After a few hours of chewing my lip wondering if it was safe outside of high sec in that area, our CEO logs on.

An hour later and we have the truth: these guys are INDUSTRIALISTS. They wouldn't know PvP if it hit them in the face. They're recently branching out into PvP to deal with problems. There are career miners, not actual fighters.

To top it off, the system they have a control tower and staging point in? Same one they attacked. That's right, folks. They hit a PvP corp in a system they mine in.

They began to beat the drums of war, but I'm pretty sure we're going to beat them WITH the drums of war. This should go down tomorrow night. I can't participate due to work... But I may just be able to watch...