So, just to catch up on things since my last blog post, things are looking up once again. My resources are slowly building back up and I've stabilized my industry once more. I'm not cranking out cruisers like I was before, so that's unfortunate, but my industry base is firm and building steam slowly once more rather than expanding exponentially. People are buying, I'm selling, and, thanks to Jorus Merrill's efforts, resources are pouring in nice and steady 'cause holy crap that dude likes space rocks.

That said, I've slowly been dipping my toes into PvE and PvP with an alt character. I snagged a Rifter which is a great ship for speed and raw firepower for a beginner. In the process of grabbing one of those, I did the research to learn how to properly fit it. The good news is that the fitting is easy, simple, and very cheap overall. The bad news is that it's not rigged to the fullest extent because I don't have the proper skills to do so. Despite this, though, the sub-par rigging for the ship is amazing for what it does. It has the armor to absorb some damage and can use the equipped armor repairer to quickly fix what it can't fully absorb with the armor plating I've equipped. On top of that, this thing is fast. I mean really fast. At least for a Rifter at my skill level. With afterburners on, I start reaching 1km/s. If I drop the armor plating and give up some durability for an overdrive injector, I can reach well into 1km/s and dodge most of what I can't repair/absorb.

Toss in some guns and a module that sucks power from enemy ships' reactors and into mine to keep my modules running along with the ability to slow down and warp scramble my enemies... It's a nice little beginner ship to run around with at the start.

Plus, from my research and from what I've learned by asking other folks... It's a great ship for beginner PvPers of all ranges.

Which brings me to the next point. After talking with Larraq a bit while working yesterday and off and on here and there for a few weeks, I've realized that with this ship layout I have a lot of options. I can run around and jump people in PvP like what's happened to me on occasion. I can run around and go ratting (killing NPCs in various areas). I can even do more military based missions with the ship. On top of all this, I can raid enemy shipping and the like. The most interesting aspect of it, however, is that Rifters kitted the way I have mine set are great for beginning pirates. And, after a conversation with Larraq, who's getting back into EVE soon, and Jorus Merrill, who sounded very, very interested in the work (and has fiddled with the Rifter in the same way I have as well), we may just be dabbling into some of the more... popular shipping lanes here and there...

Drink up, me hearties.Yo ho!​