Alright. Yes, I'm alive. Yes, I'm okay. Yes, I've been a wee bit inactive. It's... been a bit of a haze, honestly. I don't remember all of it, just the bits and pieces so far.

To start with, I forget if I've mentioned that I work a... pretty stressful job that had long, long hours. Originally, they had us on "12" hour shifts. On paper, 9am to 9pm. In practice, they had us come in at 8am and we often worked until around 11pm, 12am, and sometimes 1 or 2 in the morning before we were able to clock out and go the kark home. Averages about... 50 or more hours a week. Sounds like a normal week with some good overtime, right?

Try doing it every week for about... oh... let's say.... six months. Not such good overtime now, huh?

Well, the hell finally ended and they swapped us to the 24 hour shift. We work two days a week for 24 hours at a time. Honestly, not a bad change of pace. Sometimes we get karked over and work from 1 or 2 pm until 4 or 5 in the morning, sometimes we have less than five patients for the entire day. It's really hit and miss, but the end result is that I actually have more energy nowadays. Not a huge amount of energy, but enough to drag my rear end back to the board more.

Granted, for two of my five days off I'm unconscious and recovering from the 24 hour shift, but three days off was better than I had before. On paper, I had four days off on my old shift. In practice, I was exhausted so badly that by the time I wasn't groggy and falling asleep on my days off, it was time to go to bed for the next shift. Only day I had to really wake up was Monday, but there's nothing to really do on Monday. Can't go drinking 'cause you work the next day. Can't go hang out 'cause you can't hang out late with friends. Hell, can't even play video games really late because you have to be up early the next day lol

With my new shift, I feel human after 24 hours of rest. I'm eating better, reviewing the board more, and starting to post more regularly. With luck, I'll be hitting the gym more often soon and going back to school.

Anyways, that said, Popo is coming back to the board. I'll keep Tenloss active, but not really pushing an agenda. It's mostly so that someone, namely a certain Russian, keeps his filthy mitts to himself...

Alright, now for the EVE stuff since I haven't updated that in a while. Here's the short story:

We're now in an alliance, we're at war, we managed to murder a CODE idiot, and somehow I'm in a position of modest clout.

Here's the long story:

My corporation has been expanding a fair bit. We even brought in @Captain Larraq (finally) into the fold. We've doubled, almost tripled our numbers and starting to really solidify ourselves. We've also joined an alliance which is... interesting, so far.

An Alliance is basically a group of Corporations that band together for mutual support. The other two corporations are primarily industry and mining based. Ours is a PvP corporation with some industry on the side.

So far we've been through two wars. At first, a group of random Russians declared war on us and got a few kills, but nothing they could make a profit off of. Trick is, that was all they did: declare war on industry corporations to try and destroy haulers to make money off the cargo that dropped. We didn't move cargo and they kept killing PvP ships from the other two corporations, so they let the war go after a week. The second war was from a smaller corporation that thought we'd be easy targets and they even got one or two of us. They dropped their war after my corp flipped a table and went hunting. We didn't kill any of them, but we managed to murder a cruiser, a frigate, and two battleships (including the frigate and battleship pilot's pods [yes, the battleship pilot lost two battleships to us]) in front of them. They dropped their war within the hour rather than continue it.

This last war is still ongoing and is entering the second week. Remember CODE? One of their newbie "agents" harassed one of my corp's miners. When she commented that the miner did not have a permit and began harassing the miner over buying one, the miner politely told them precisely where they could place that permit. Needless to say, that "agent" was part of CODE's "special forces unit" and instantly declared war on us. The alliance as a whole began to panic because apparently CODE is oh-so-scary and when our CEO found out when he logged on, he flipped a table.

Two corps panicking, one corp stacking ammo*? Our boss grabbed a battlecruiser and came on down to Gamis. There, he found the local CODE agent sitting outside the station. The guy had just looted some wrecks that weren't his and was flashy yellow, meaning he was a suspect and therefore free to engage for anyone. So ballsy was this guy that he felt comfortable sitting outside of the station and surveying the area as he always did.

Our CEO found him and murdered him in the blink of an eye.

I say "murdered" and I mean "murdered." There was no fight, the CODE agent didn't have a chance to react. One minute he was the big, bad wolf gazing at all that was his, the next minute he was being dragged off of Pride Rock and cudgeled to death by a hunter before being mounted on said hunter's wall as a trophy.

Needless to say, the alliance rallied behind it. We've had some roams to go find war targets, but for all their scary "special forces" titles, they seem to run away from us, which is how it should be.

Once the war is over, we'll go back to what we were doing to start with:

Fighting Pandemic Legion and their buddies in Futzchag and doing our hardest to hold our own.

As for how I can juggle all of this, it's rather simple: time allotment. Sure, I'm often in game in EVE online, but the game itself has a web browser tool. I can view the site and post to the site from the web browser any time I wish. There are times when I really don't do anything in game except manage my industry and post on SWRP lol Lately, though, I find myself posting more than playing and... I'm okay with that. A nice little balance of hobbies.

Anyways, updates are over lol Hopefully I can toss another one on in a week or so.