So, I have an update. Funny how that works, right? Bust tail for a month and blog it, then figure it'll be another month before something interesting enough to write about happens to me. Turns out, not nearly that long.

So, I've kind of escaped the mob to an extent. The corporation I'm with has a lower security space station set up for use. Now, anything from 0.5/0.4 security space down to 0.1 security space is a little dangerous. In essence, Low Sec is not the best place to be if you want to not, y'know, get shot apart. That said, 0.0 security space (also called Zero-Zero Space or Null Sec) is the wild west. I haven't tried going that route just yet, but it seems my new area of operations is practically next door to Null Sec.

I delivered those ships like the CEO wanted and sold them for a nice chunk of money. I then took a look around at the station. Industry sections were there, which meant I could build there. Also, it had places for research, time reduction research, material efficiency research, reverse engineering, and inventing. Basically, everything an industrial player on EVE needs to operate with ease. Sure, I'm a little ways away from High Sec, but for now, this is the best I've got.

Spent a good... couple of hours hauling all of my blueprints from my last area in 0.4 space to this 0.2 space out in the middle of almost-nowhere. I did the smart thing and broke it up into small allotments and hauled it with my little Catalyst. I thought about using my dinky shuttle for speed, but after a few close calls when hauling... around 36 times the shuttles worth in Blueprint Originals from Jita down to 0.4 space (around 32 jumps or so) I figured a little less speed and some armor would do better. Just in case, since I almost had someone jam my warpdrive (leaving me stranded and at their mercy with... a fethton of expensive BPOs in the hold), I pulled a damage control module off and stuck on a warp core stabilizer that lets me not get stranded if someone jams me. Turns out, that was a good call.

It took about six trips all in all. Along the way I almost got murdered three or four times, nearly got warp scrambled, did get warp scrambled, was shot at, chased, and more or less screamed like a school girl the entire time just like I did back in high sec when I started. Good times. Kinda.

So far, I have all of my blueprints in the new spot, short of maybe four that I was using to make stuff in the meantime. I have to be careful when I haul those down that way because one of the systems is filled with veterans in a corporation that is hostile towards mine. I don't think they've noticed me operating like I have, but I'm paranoid so I'd rather be safe than sorry. The only thing I haven't been able to do is ship the millions of units of minerals that way so I can really start cranking out ships. With luck, that should be uneventful. I hope.

Now, after selling a bunch of cruisers to the corporation I work for, I realized something. With the minerals and materials to produce a huge amount of the cruisers they use and lose in PvP, I can produce right around what they lose on a weekly or biweekly basis. I did the math and... I'm honestly shocked and excited at the same time.

They use three types of cruisers that I have the BPOs for, which means I can make as many as I want so long as I have the materials. I make them in batches of around ten, more if I can. Each cruiser sells for roughly nine million ISK, but since I have my materials on site, mine them myself usually, and the industry fees are really low as I've trained up the skills to reduce them, I sell them for around eight million each. With me making ten of two types of cruisers at the moment, I make about 160 million ISK for the two batches I make daily. With some math and the price of PLEXes (in game cards that grant 30 days of game time), here's what I get.

850mil (the high end for a PLEX) divided by 160mil/day (the cruisers' price) = around 6.5 days

In essence, each week I can buy a PLEX so long as I use that seventh day to recoup what little I spent on materials and industry fees. Now, my total goal is to work up to ten cruiser of each type for three types. That ends up as:

850mil divided by 240mil = 3.5 days

So, at full production I can make a PLEX every three days or so, meaning about six days for two PLEXes, with the seventh day dedicated to recouping costs and fees and pocketing the rest.

That means at full production with two PLEXes a week, I can make a year's worth of in game time in about a month and a half.

Now, some of you business minded folks may say "but what if that corporation stockpiles them and stops buying them in bulk?" For that, I have an answer and it was from the most unlikely place.

Did you know there are Mandos on EVE?

Yup, I found the Mandos. Randomly, too. Saw a dude with the last name of "Skirata" and said hi in Mando'a. A quick convo later and I have a half dozen corporations dedicated around a Mando population base. Turns out, true to Mando style, they're all PvP companies. Guess who makes PvP cruisers? This guy.

So, with that all said, it looks like I'm in the green for a good long while. Which means I don't have to pay for my EVE time most likely. Plus, once my quota is reached, I can do some PvP training or just explore a bit. And, the best part, no mob unless they reeaally wanna come find me. The only downside so far?

How to move a bunch of cruisers seven systems cheaply and safely...