Nothing superbly interesting so far, at least nothing hugely major. Some little bitty things, though, worth sharing.

First, I'm learning the market more and more. Namely, I'm learning prices. Normally, I would just glance through local prices, see what was selling for how much around me, and compete with those prices. Problem is, between this and people trying to max out their profit, it's driving the prices up locally. This lack of buy, sell, trade knowledge is making me sell too high and buy too low.

High sales are okay, but when you're competing on a grand scale, you have to do your research. I figured that only going off of local prices was good, but didn't realize where I was set up was right next to three or four other regions, each with their own miniature economies. The ships I was selling that had a high replacement rate like cruisers or frigates was okay, those were fairly competitive as they were. A little higher than most around, but low enough to make buying them worthwhile for other folks, even at the higher cost.

When it came to modules and larger ships, though, that was where I hit the snag. My prices were the middle ground for the region... but too high for the ship itself. Turns out, the top and bottom price of one battlecruiser sold in the region was on the ridiculous side of high for one sale and on the "kind of" high side for the lower price. I placed it in the middle towards the low side thinking that was the general price of the thing.

Turns out, I was a bit too high. I made two and contracted them to the corporation. The total sale was about 90,000,000 ISK for the two together, which was the lower average price I had determined from the local sales. Turns out, the ships would normally be between 70,000,000 - 80,000,000 ISK when you look at the EVE market as a whole. I didn't know that until my Corporation CEO told me that my prices were off by a bit. I looked into that, read up on prices, checked the markets, and generally realized that, yes, my prices were a bit high on some things. I wasn't being undercut regionally and had the lowest prices in the area... but people would go a few more jumps to the region next door to buy the same item for a lower price.

Toss in that I was short-changing some of my suppliers and it's both a huge mess and a huge learning experience. I had told Jorus that I'd buy his ore, and I have, when he has some. I told him that he just needed to give me a "fair price" and that I used the "base price" button to figure that out. That was roughly when I started playing and, like a derptard, totally forgot to pass the info along that the base price thing was rarely accurate. Larraq quietly nudged me over lunch at work that Jorus had mentioned to him that my prices were on the low side and the little lightbulb went off. You know, the little panicky one that goes off when you screw someone over on accident? Yeah, that one.

So, shot Jorus a message, apologized, and I'll be tossing him some ISK here in a minute. Add in that he's going to be or has already adjusted his prices for his ores and all should be right in the world.

Meanwhile, I've been doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Did a lot of ratting and salvaging to make things called Rigs. Rigs let you modify your ship a bit without taking up a module slot, letting you customize your ships a bit more. Think of it like jury rigging things. Your ship doesn't quite have enough power to run those shiny guns you just bought? Toss on a rig that reduces the power drain and gets them online. Going really fast, but wanna go faster? There's a rig that gives that little edge in speed to get you going. Granted, they all have a drawback, but who doesn't like a little tinkering now and then?

Also did a bit of a fleet roam. Normally, we'll go find an anomaly and kill NPCs to make some good ISK, but occasionally we'll head out to find a fight. Yesterday was one of those times.

We got our ships together, got all our stuff ready, and hit the stargates. Landed in Doril, the entrance to Null Sec space nearby, and found one. Problem was, we kinda got reamed real good. I think most of us lost a ship and some of us got podded, me included. I showed up back at Gamis and got in another cruiser. Tossed on more of my shiny guns and such and we regrouped and went back at it.

This time, the folks that killed us off more or less left us alone. One guy sat back and sniped at us a bit, trying to get an easy kill or two, but we mostly just laughed, shrugged our shoulders, and killed his warp scrambler bubble on the next gate. Sure, we lost maybe 50-90 million ISK earlier, but that bubble was worth a good 100 million, so it worked out.

We went on our way, almost caught a few folks, and then we did catch someone. It... wasn't the most glorious kill. Just some poor schmuck in a rookie ship setting up a cynosaural field. A Cynosaural Field is... Think of it as a road flare. For you military types, they popped colored smoke. The Cyno Fields are a beacon of sorts to let ships too large to go through a stargate to move from system to system. The guy we caught was a member of a company called Red Frog. They're a reliable and well known shipping corporation on EVE that moves things from one end of the galaxy to the other. They're like UPS or FedEx if, y'know, either company guarded their transports with the equivalent of humvees, Strykers, and Abrams tanks.

Well, we went ahead and killed the guy, mainly because why not. It was that kill that you kinda feel bad for, but not really. At least, it was for me. I felt bad because the schmuck was just kinda like "I'm here, I'm holding a road flare, the hauler should be here in a minute, and then I can go away and find something else to do for a bit." At the same time, though, I... kinda one shotted him. My first, actual kill mail. Sure, I nailed someone in wormhole space carrying PLEXes when I first started, but apparently they don't record trial accounts -.-

So, I got the killmail, and then the fleet podded him, and then we moved on. We found a group, made a few mistakes, got jumped by... fifty or so frigates, and died. I got another killmail, though, which was okay. Lost my cruiser, but oh well. It was fun while it lasted and i can make some more if I need to.

After that, we got some mining barges together and hit the belts out in low sec. Kuharah, specifically. Remember that place? Steel Eagle operated there until they picked a fight with us. They don't mine there anymore, obviously.

Had one guy show up in a little rookie ship, which we assumed was a scout for a PvP fleet looking for easy kills. Turns out, he was just an ass. Larraq kept trying to scan him down, but he was having none of it. So, after a partial return on mining and him leaving, we realized it was late, called it a night, docked up, and went offline.

Yup. That was my week/weekend lol