I haven’t kept a diary in a long time, but the way I figure it, maybe it’s best to have something to pour my thoughts into when I’m knee-deep in stress, chaos, and war. If nothing else, posterity wants some record of me to outlive my already long life...is that selfish? I don’t think so, I think every life form fears the end of their physical existence in some way or another, even the Jedi. Anyway, formalities first.

My name is Karra Tor, a Knight of the Silver Jedi Order. A healer by trade, I have spent the past 40 years of my life isolated in the forests of Kashyyk, afraid to take those first steps into the wider world because...well, I’m not the best with people, simply put. If I’m honest, I think I would have stayed this way for a lot longer, but the galaxy is in a bad way. The Sith are running rampant, the Republic is in tatters, the Jedi are holding firm, but struggling, everything is chaos, with good people, innocent people caught in the middle.

I need to step in and help out where I can, the Galaxy needs hope, the Jedi need able bodies, and I...I...I don’t know what I need. Maybe I’ll find it along the way, assuming I’m not unceremoniously killed in a few weeks or months.

I think I should start small though, just spend some time with my fellow Knights and the Padawans, get a sense of what is going on while I am preparing myself. After I have what I need, I can start thinking a little bigger.

Here’s hoping I don’t screw it up.

Attached to the page are several notes and diagrams dissecting the inner workings of a lightsaber and it’s various types, such as the Saberstaff and old drawings of an ancient Saber pike. Also attached beneath them is a rendering of a new hilt.
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