Recently I met a fellow shapeshifter by the name of Ura Lolar, a Lervon Padawan who was visiting her friends in intensive care at a medical facility of Kattada Hex. She and her friends had sustained a lot of injuries in a skirmish with the Bryn'adul, but where her friends were receiving treatment, she did not. At first, I was puzzled, but after checking the Medical Codex, I have found that there are no treatment options available for Lervon due to their unique genetic structure. As beings that consist mainly of sand, the Lervon do not possess traditional biology, ala other humanoid species. Even my own species, the Shi'ido, possess a rudimentary set of organs, blood, a brain, and all the other fundamental building blocks of life in the galaxy. Seeing the pain she was in, and knowing that I could do something, this will be my record of research into Lervon treatment methods and the projected results.

According to the Medical Codex, the Lervon species are primarily a sentient, silicon-based lifeform, a contrast to most other known forms of life, which are carbon-based, such as Humans. In addition to that, they are unique in that their life and bodies seem to be derived entirely from force energy - as in, the Force is what gives them shape and life, not just biology. In some way, shape, or form, this species is connected to the Living Force in a way that we don't quite understand yet, but this has proven to be both a gift and a curse for their kind. The entire population is naturally Force Sensitive, but again, it is the Force that holds their bodies together, so in addition to being difficult to treat for injuries, they could potentially be more susceptible to the Dark Side's corrupting powers, such as Force Drain and Force Lightning, though this is only a theory. I also theorizr that it is due to their frailty that few of them leave their homeworld, making sightings of their kind rare.

I digress though.

While I was researching their species, I came across the seed for my current experiment (literally). As I mentioned before, the Lervon are held together by the Force, but the focusing element of this seems to be the crystals within each member of the species. These green crystals not only serve as eyes (after a fashion), but they also hold the structure of their body together. If these crystals are melted by a hot enough temperature, a Lervon would fall apart and become a mere pile of sand. The beginnings of these crystals are as, aptly termed, 'Seed Crystals', which gradually dissolve when placed into water with local minerals. As it dissolves, it begins a transformation using the minerals around it to become sand crystals which gradually grow and grow and grow until a young Lervon is born. Given the nature of these crystals, I believe it may be possible to create an artificial supplement for these crystals and stimulate growth with minerals, water and the Force, a slow and steady growth that fills in the parts that were taken and makes them feel a little whole again.

Currently, my biggest problem is that I'm not sure how I can stop the procedure and make sure test subjects don't get swallowed up by the very thing designed to heal them, but I know I'm on the right track. I just need to perfect it...

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