The Qenoira Tower

The Qenoir Sky-Tavern @ 297 (tldr: a classy bar for those wealthy.)

The Qenoir Sky-Tavern @ 297, also known simply as 'The Tavern', is a luxurious near-rooftop dining establishment on the 297th floor of The Qenoira Tower - the 3rd tallest skyscraper centred within Qena Prime City. It is conveniently located a few stories above its affiliating hotel, the Qenoira Grand. Entry is exclusive to the venue's members and their entourage, gentry public figures and nobilities, or those willing to wage a considerable fee of admittance. The premise features various themes and aesthetics to accommodate their wide array of guests. The Tavern is operated with an array of bionic arms, AI, advanced droids and sentient humanoid staff. The service and menus are outstanding. Tables of auxiliary-tier diners are served by primary andriods powered by The Qenoir's advanced AI while the highly-trained waitstaff are designated to those in the premier tier. The Qenoir's revered Elite patrons have the privilege to select among The Tavern's exquisite collection of sentient-species to be attended by during their evening. The private dining rooms and tables at the grand veranda overlooking the entire city are also reserved for the elite.

The Qenoira Grand Hotel & Casino @ 200 (tldr: Nice luxury hotel with high security. Arguably worth every credit, we would love to have you. )
Also known as the Qenoira G, spans from the 200th up to the 275th floor of The Qenoira Tower. Among its many luxurious facilities including multiple pools, luxury boutiques, a wellness spa, ballrooms, parking, buffet and fine dining, the establishment has its own highly secure private shipyard a few blocks away connected with a sky-tram for their inter-galactical guests. While one can find sentient-staffers in management, the various droids powered by the Qenoira’s advanced AI system deliver the remarkable standard of customer service the prime establishment is known for while maintaining its high security. Unless one is a security personnel, those wearing masks, or found harbouring weapons including - especially sabers, will be denied entry.

The pristine hotel has a total of 451 rooms to accommodate its numerous guests from across and far beyond Qena Prime. The larger and executive suites have connecting balconies overlooking Qena City and are located on 205-207th and the higher floors. The grandiose presidential suites are located on the very top floors of the Qenoira G. The range of standard rooms offered is no less impressive in class despite its slight affordability. The Grand Casino is on the 202nd floor and is open to the public It has two entrances, one exclusive to hotel guests and one open to the public, although a formal dress code is compulsory to be allowed entry. Those wearing masks, armour or found carrying weapons including sabers will be denied entry.

The Halo is a nightclub on the 9th floor of the Qenoira Tower. Aside from the sentient bartenders and bouncers, the Halo is staffed mostly with androids. The club is not nearly as bougie as The Tavern 289 floors above, but it's arguably one of the better nightclubs in the city. There are two bars, one overlooking the streets below and the other near the dance floor. Drinks are affordable and the toilets are decently clean. There is good music, vibrant lights and a dance floor. Androids and holographs of women dance recurringly within bright glass pods creating quite the atmosphere. While there are two cam drones, the security isn't as tight in the establishment compared to the rest of Qenoira Tower, so it's not surprising for weapons and guns of the sorts to be drawn and a fight to break out ever so often - especially after a foul game of sabacc.




  • Planet Name: Xona
  • Demonym: Xonavean
  • Region: Outer Rim
  • System Name: The Xanovea Solar
  • System Features:
    Xeee (moon orbiting Xona)
    Ark-X3 aka Oureon (dwarf planet)
    Qeiph (dwarf planet)
    Vano (dwarf planet)

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  • Size: [ Small (A small location on a world much like a grove or oasis. Ex. Dark Grove), Medium (A moderately sized area, large compounds, lake, etc Ex. Great Temple), Large (A location that spans a large area, a valley, mountain ranges, etc. Ex. Valley of the Jedi). Planetary (Influences everything on the planet. Ex. Byss). ]
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Features: sharp teeth, scales, webbed clawed fingers
  • Name: The Nouqai
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Bastion (location of bio-engineered creation)
  • Average Lifespan: 70
  • Estimated Population: Unique
  • Description: Nouqai is a bio-engineered creature of Darth Carnifex. Developed by multiple sith alchmists and scientiest in a lab under the imperial palace, tangent with the creation of the sotezi-rathtar. Through stitching genetic samples of carefully selected species in an attempt to create a breed of formidable force sensitive sentients that would thrive both in land and sea to deliver His will. However, after many trials, only two samples had developed past the 2 week mark. The only Nouqai, having survived outside the controlled environment of the incubation clone pod that it was broken out of by intruding Jedi at the facility.
  • Breathes: Type 1 (Amphibious) - via cutaneous respiration and gills
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.7m - 2.5m
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Blue
  • Hair color: Blue, red, purple
  • Distinctions: Naturally, Nouqai has large eyes with dark sclera and cyan pupils. There are semi-reflective scales on the face, shoulders, arms and legs. They have subtle gills along the side of their neck as well as air-permeable mucus coated skin breathe with. With the most formidable feature being the long cephalopod tentacles as a substitute for hair which can grow up to 2 meters in length and capable at picking items up if developed enough. Due to their amphibious-aquatic nature, they have a streamlined body to minimise drag in water as well as webbed feet and fingers that are clawed at the tips. They have sharper teeth than your average human. They are cold blooded and their blood is blue. They are an all-female species and biologically parthenogenic with low fertility rates.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: All
  • Sonic Scream: At about late teens, the vocal cords of Nouqai develops to which point are able to unleash a sonorous scream comparable in intensity to a sonic weapon; placing significant strain on their throats. Unlike the ersansyr which the trait is inherited from, it is no where near powerful enough to kill, at most throwing a target violently off course or deafening temporarily.
  • Night Vision / Underwater Vision: The Nouqai eyes are able to see incredibly well in the dark and in the underwater depths.
  • Alluring Voice: Unlike the enthralling song of their ersansyr counter parts, the voice of Nouqai is smooth and reverberates with a frequency that can influence one's actions in their favor. Due to its subtlety, it works well in persuasion or the diffusion of a heated situation. This is different from Mind Trick, as it is applicable to those that are not weakminded and does not require the movement of hand.
  • Tentacles: The tentacles on her head can grow up to 5m, it can take up to 25 years to reach such lengths. If developed enough can be utilised as extra limbs to pick up objects and even weild weapons. They are rather powerful, taking on from the rathrar which the tentacles are genetically derived from. They are full of muscle tissue and nerves and are able to gradually grow back if severed.
  • Regeneration: Triggered only when immersed in oxygenated saltwater. Depending on the severity of wounds, Nouqai is able to regenerated at a slightly accelerated rate. However, this healing is not nearly as vigorous as a full becta treatment.
  • Spit Ink: Capable of spitting clouds of black ink as a defensive measure in combat, such ink could also be released from Nouqai's body when cut open at the solar plexus. Due to is viscousity, the ink takes some effort to get rid off, it also slightly stings and irritates open wounds and membranes.
  • Amphibious Respiratory: She uses the moisture on her skin and gills to breathe. If her skin is allowed to dry out, she will struggle to breathe and eventually suffocate like a fish out of water.
  • Light-sensitive Eyes: Can be temporarily blinded by bright lights. Nouqai's eyes take longer to adjust.
  • Becta Inefficacy: Effects takes significantly longer due to the unqiue nature of Nouqai's permeable skin. She will struggle to respirate and even suffocate if submerged in becta for an extensive amount of time.
  • Lower Tolerance to drugs and alcohol.
  • Food Sensitivity: Consuming a variety of plant foods would not only would cause nutritional deficiencies but would also trigger adverse reactions including vomiting, nausea, lethargy and a bad rash.
  • Diet: Mostly Carnivorous with an inclination to pescatarianism
  • Communication: Speech, Pheromones, Sign and Telepathy (underwater)
  • Technology level: Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: Free-willed with darkside inclination due to alchemy
  • General behavior: Action speaks louder than words, Nouqai is usually quiet and reserved, mostly speaking when she has to. They switch from extremes during combat, possessing wisdom and patience when not in battle, but can be rather impatient, ravenous and violatile during due to their predatory instincts and traits derived from the rathrar.

    As result of genetic bioengineering and alchemy, the only way of reproduction is via parthenogenis if not through artificial cloning. However, the chance of fertility and success is incredibly low. The offspring hatches from eggs. And due to their cephalopodic nature, the health of the mother would rapidly decline after spawning and eventually lose their ability to thrive anywhere that isn't water, becoming waterborne.
Nouqai is a bio-engineered creature of Darth Carnifex. Developed by multiple sith alchmists and scientiest in a lab under the imperial palace, tangent with the creation of the sotezi-rathtar. Through stitching genetic samples of carefully selected species in an attempt to create a breed of formidable force sensitive sentients that would thrive both in land and sea to deliver His will. However, after many trials, only two samples had developed past the 2 week mark. The only Nouqai, having survived outside the controlled environment of the incubation clone pod that it was broken out of by intruding Jedi at the facility.

Nouqai was raised by Jedi and trained in the ways of the Jedi, however, their darkside inclination eventually resulted them in turning away from the order.