This time a RL article and it will be a little longer.
Today is a year since it turned out I have diabetes. The end is happy, so you don't need to feel sorry. :)

In fact, it had been 4.5 months since then, as it turned out, but no one thought about it, since the longer depressive ups and downs are pretty common for me, plus the fact that I’m sick many times. And last time my blood sugar was normal. A year ago I had to go to the hospital on suspicion of appendicitis, at which time I had been struggling with continuous stomach infections for 2 months now. 23 blood glucose was measured; on the maternal line, almost everyone had a problem with this, so it wasn’t really that unexpected, but yes, I would have been happier if it hadn’t been the problem.

According to the hospital’s chief physician, this is type 1, and later, according to the diabetologist, it is type 2. They wanted to give me insulin at the hospital and refer me to a diabetology hospital ward for at least a week to fix me. My doctor was not convincing, so I said no. In retrospect, it turned out to be the best decision. Since I was still sick for a good 2.5 weeks, there was only the next lab test at the end of the month, which confirmed the diagnosis, a measured result of 16 on an empty stomach (5.9 is the upper limit, which is still good).

By this time, I was also starting to have symptoms that I was constantly hungry, although I thought I had been eating a stomach-eating diet for 2 months now only because of the constant infections. But that’s when the actual diet and lifestyle change began, in mid-March, with 2.000mg medicine / day. I’m the man who sticks to what the doctor says, so it happened here too.

I lost 25kg in the first 2.5 months, then another 15k until October, which I have been holding weight ever since, and I even lost four more. So I lost over 40kg in half a year. Before, whatever I tried never succeeded, now yes. I regained the weight I had in high school, so now I’m 80kg to a height of 180cm.

As for my sugar, after the first 3 months, the 2.000mg meds was reduced to 1.000mg, and then in October, half a year after the whole and more with -40kg less weight, the 1.000mg meds was also abandoned. I haven’t had to take any medication since then, my lab results are better than a healthy person. So I kicked my diabetes’s ass. In a diabetology, my doctor and nurses also remarked that I should set an example for other patients that this is how it can be done.

And if anyone thought I was afflicting myself, it is not true; sometimes I still eat chips, chocolate and other sweets, not a diabetic version but a regular one. Just as the motto holds, everything should be eaten in moderation.