Are you sure this information is authentic, Colonel?

I’m afraid it is sir. Our source in the Underworld has always been a reliable one for decades, the chances that this intel is anything but authentic are close to none.

Sularen sighed as he took the time to process the information relayed to him by his aide, Colonel Rackham. The Rimward Trade League was planning to launch a direct strike against O’reen, the heart of the Final Dawn, and right when he was making his own plans to carry out the expulsion of the Zero Corporation from Schesa, after his recent meeting with the self-styled High Lord of Ession, Tristan Evore. It was audacious on their part, launching a full-scale assault on one of the most heavily fortified worlds of the Unknown Regions despite it being located at the other side of the galaxy, not to mention the fact Final Dawn had refrained from taking any sorts of action against the Rimward Trade League since the breakdown of diplomatic relations between both factions.

I don’t understand why here of all places. O’reen one of the most fortified and militarized worlds in the entire Unknown Regions, launching even a raid against us would be a logistical nightmare

Sularen paused mid-speech, reflecting on the information once more. In his mind this intel didn’t make sense. The Rimward Trade League was facing the Sith Order to its South, so why divert a significant amount of resources to deal with a faction based in the Unknown Regions by itself without even getting the Alliance involved? Unless…

No. That intel is a false.” Sularen said abruptly

What do you mean by that sir? Our source-” Rackham responded somewhat confused at the High Regent's Statement before being interrupted.

We fell for this same trick at Selvaris and the Alliance ended up striking at Exegol when we took the bait. O’reen isn’t their true target. At best it's a ruse, at worst it's a feint. Regardless they want us to keep our focus on defending O'reen.” Sularen stated.

"But what about our source?" Rackham insisted.

"It's also possible that the Trade League purposely spread that rumor throughout the Underworld. We aren't the only ones with connections down there you know. Regardless my point still stands, O'reen won't be their primary target. So much for reliability."

If what you're saying is true sir, then what is their true target?” Rackham asked once more

The only asset we have in close proximity to the Trade League that poses an immediate threat to them. Our shipyards at Seswenna.

They wouldn't dare” Rackham rebuked, somewhat surprised at the High Regent’s assessment

Oh but they would. Either the arrogant bastard that calls himself the High Moff of Eriadu has convinced the Trade League to take action against us, or Jesel and her cronies within that little Council of hers want to scare us into submitting to their demands.

It all made sense now. With this intel, the Final Dawn would be so preoccupied in protecting O’reen, that the Rimward Trade League could simply swoop down and either seize or destroy their Shipyards above Seswenna while their guard was still down. After all, Sularen had seen this exact strategy be utilize before, when the Alliance feinted at Selvaris only to send a smaller force to seize control of Shinon and Oyokal while the Maw was preoccupied with the attack on Selvaris, which in turn enabled them to directly strike against Exegol, resulting in it’s destruction and the fragmentation of the Maw.

Regardless, we now know their true intentions, and with this knowledge we shall prepare ourselves for the coming battle. When the Rimward Trade League launches their strike, they won't find themselves catching a small squadron of ships off-guard, instead they will find us waiting for them, ready to put them down and teach them what it truly means to fuck around and find out."

With that, Sularen dismissed Rackham from his office before beginning to contemplate his next move. He still had to leave for Schesa to oversee the expulsion of the Tristan Evore's Corporation and the transfer of it's assets to the Final Dawn, but fortunately he still had more then enough Military Assets to both Reinforce the Seswenna Shipyards and cover the defense of O'reen. All he had to do was make a few calls and convene with the Central Committee in order to address this issue. Nevertheless while this issue was concerning for Sularen, it also presented him with a golden opportunity, to prove the Final Dawn's indomitable strength and remind the galaxy that it's days it was still a force to be reckoned with capable of still challenging the might of established galactic powers such as the Alliance and the Rimward Trade League.

And if this Gamble worked, perhaps it might even allow for a faster rise to power, enabling the High Regent to create the Pure Neo-Imperial Order he had envisioned since his meeting with Solipsis, far sooner then expected, and the sooner he could accomplish such a thing, the sooner he could finally put an end to the corruption of the Galactic Alliance and it's Allies once and for all.