Baby don't huuuuurt me, baby don't huuuuuuurt me....*
Sorry. I just had to. Anyway.
I know, a bit of an odd topic, but this late at night (aka 10:22pm) my mind is bound to come up with all sorts of strange topics. And one of them just so happens to be love.
Love is a weird thing, especially with languages. I mean, it's used in so many ways -- You love your family, your friends, your pet, your other half, your job, food (ilu bacon <3), your car...and yet, not all mean the same thing. I mean, you wouldn't express your love for your grandma in the same way you express your love for your boy/girlfriend, right? And you wouldn't do the same for your favourite meal, right? (Especially considering food is an inanimate object with no emotions or brain activity of any kind...or anything...)
And, really, it doesn't make all that much sense in terms of survival. I'm talking about the "You and only you" love, here: choosing one mate for life isn't necessarily the best way to go in terms of procreation. In fact, having multiple mates would increase the likelihood of humanity continuing on. (I'm also not saying this is completely right. I'll be the first to say I'm no expert on this particular topic, so correct me if I'm wrong).
Even so, humanity has come up with this whole "true love" idea, somewhere along the lines.
True love (from now on I'm going to simply reference it as "love", since this particular one refers to spousal/partner love, and none of the other aforementioned loves) is a strange thing. Seriously, try googling "define true love". HowStuffWorks, one of the top hits, says, "...[W]hen asked to define what true love is, even the experts have to stop and think." The Soulmate Site, the next hit under HowStuffWorks, says that love is "a paradox."
But everyone can agree that it's good even if we don't exactly know what it is.
So now the heart of the matter: what do I think it is? I'd like to say it's simple, but it's not.
I've thought on this subject many times in the past, mostly because it's food for thought, and my brain is always hungry. What I've come up with might make sense, or it might not. Like I said, love is an enigma. But hopefully you guys understand the gist of it.
Anyway, I think love is waking up every day and actually looking forward to spending time with that special someone. I think it's not just a need, but a want to share everything with that person, giving your trust and opening yourself up to them time and time again because you know they won't crush you -- you know they'll be there.
I think love is accepting that person over and over again, no matter what happens. I think love is constantly standing by someone's side in hell or high water, giving them a rock to lean against when the critics swell up, or being their conscience when they do wrong. I think love is wordless, and that it's not necessarily a bad thing when your other half simply replies, "I love you because you're you." That should be all they have to say, all the reason they -- and you -- need.
I also think love is something that constantly changes, but if it's a good, strong love, it changes, evolves into something better, something more beautiful, the longer it lives.
I may have hit the nail on the head, or I may have missed by a long shot. I don't know, honestly. But I hope, at the very least, this provides some insight for some of you guys, or makes you feel better (hey, it could happen). Or it could have done nothing, and this could just be further proof that I shouldn't stay up and eat pizza so late. In any case, it is 10:45pm, so I am off to bed.
Good night, and remember: In the words of Macklemore, "Love has no labels."

*I'd originally had this in italics, but it wasn't showing, so I had to go back and make it bold xD Thanks Jay, for making me notice that lol.