This week is finals. I -should- b studying for my last two right now, but when numbers and letters started to merge, I decided a break was warranted. (That's also why, for the people I owe, I will probably hold off posting until tomorrow or Friday.)
I have this app, on my kindle. It is called "Autodesk", and it's probably the coolest thing I'd ever downloaded. It is like having those fancy shmancy digital doodly art things, but on your kindle.
And it's cheaper.
In any case, I like to mess around with it when my brain feels frazzled and try to do something artsy.
But not today! Today, I sought no true form or whatever. Instead, I chose three brushes that appealed to me, randomly clicked various settings and colours, and began.
This is what I got.

Normally I loathe abstract art, but...I kinda like doing this. It's sort of a stress reliever, because otherwise I bottle everything up and wait for it to die. Fun fun.
So...Yep. I'm probably gonna make it a thing, and dump it here in the pitiful chance that someone else likes it.
Just kidding xD
But seriously, $20 and it's yours.