"Since I am forbidden in principle to contact the outside world, thus I can only send short messages, some Shadows have helped me get the messages to where I sent them. I can only hope that the written messages will reach everyone they need to reach…"

To Telis Taharin-Zambrano
"My dear friend, I know I was not in a position to initiate you into my plans, but the situation at Serenno turned out to be the best moment. I had to take care of little Adrian and also managed to defend House Terassi too. I managed to get them to not send me to the NIO, but to talk to them as well. I don’t write intentionally where I am because I don’t want you to be rescued me, I’m not leaving the captivity yet. If I succeed, the war will end, and that is the point. If, on the other hand, I don’t go home… I won’t run away from judgment, even though you know I would be able to do it easily. If that happens, please watch out for the boys and Tubrok."

To Tubrok Ragal
"My love, I want you to know that everything is fine with me, nothing wrong with me. The conditions are better than I expected, although COMPNOR’s torture masters are far from as professional as they think. I'm bored… it’s hard to imagine me not being able to work. I hope Adrian and Joe get home okay from Serenno. I know he blames himself, telling him he’s not responsible. I had to do this. I know how hard it is for you, but please stick to what we discussed. Take care of yourself, our children and the Eternal Empire! I'll love you forever!"

To STRATCOM ( Tubrok Ragal, Shran, Admiral Tobias Larr, Mikilanna Mihaly )
"I hope I do not have to inform you that in my absence the Overlord, i.e. Lord Tubrok, will perform the duties of regent. The fact that he hadn't launched an official search after me was my order. It is for this very reason that I do not reveal where I am in captivity. Everything happens exactly the way I wanted it to. Continue to govern the state as before. And remember, no matter who sits on the throne, the Eternal Empire and its ideals come first, not the ruler!"

To Hans Rennagen
"Lord Rennagen, I know for a very small part I broke that I would be the best prisoner of war because I couldn’t have sent a message to you. However, I definitely wanted to thank you for, you are the fairest and most trustworthy subordinate of the NIO among those I know from there. You earned my respect with your actions and credibility. I hope we have a chance to talk to each other sometime in the future. Thank you again!"

To Aerarii Tithe
"Please don't even try to ask and find out how this letter got to you. You probably won’t get an answer, I tried to stay as discreet as possible. Thank you for your last visit, it is always great to talk to you, only once would it be good to have an encounter that has nothing to do with the war, nor with current politics. Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to visit at another time, I hope you'll live with it, while I enjoy the GA's hospitality, I am happy to see you Vice Chancellor, anytime!"

To Hanna and Felmorante deWinter
"I hope neither of you are worried, I want to reassure both of you that everything is going according to plan. I know you don’t know anything about the plan and no one will answer such questions, but please trust me, I know what I’m doing."