It's been 9 months since The Primeval was made and since I joined.
I haven't roleplayed as a member of other factions except in maybe 2-3 threads, and I surely haven't gotten to know many people who aren't members of The Primeval in some capacity or another. I believe, personally, that has been my greatest fault as a writer. With those I collaborate with outside of the faction I'm a stranger and to me they are too.
During the Invasion of Wayland I was, to put it lightly, caring way too much. I was actually told by someone that I needed to "Care less." Well, I didn't. I still focused too much on the faction's path and not those I'm writing with. I've probably abandoned most of my private threads and I don't think I've ever continued a story in a dominion after we hit the requirements.
So this is a cautionary tale for all those who're running a Major Faction, or want to start one up. Care less about your faction, it's not important. It's fun, sure, it's cool to have all those worlds and to win invasions and wearing that victory as a medal. But at the end of the day, when you walk away from this board, it's not going to be that crap you remember. It's going to be how much fun you've had with those you write with and all the insane stuff you've done together.
So when you make a Major Faction, do it so you have something to work on with fellow writers. Make it a collaborative project, but make sure that the focus of it all is to have fun, memorable experiences with those you write with. Everything else is just a bonus, but if you focus on winning invasions, completing dominions, and having big fancy ships more than a good story you're going to find yourself caring too much. Not to mention all the ones who are looking for a good time, crazy fun threads, and a good story will just leave your faction and go onto better ventures in time.
Factions will fall but the writers will live on! Roleplay is about fun, factions are a tool for roleplay. Never make the hammer the focus when you're trying to build a house, you gotta keep the future residents at the forefront of your mind.
Take this however you'd like.
-- Sam