...As a Major Faction.
Okay; so I've told this to quite a few people, but I do not believe it was the right move for the Primeval to go major. I understand that there are few minor factions that stay active for a long time, but the Primeval itself stayed active without ever promising its members that we'd be going major. It just kind of happened. A month was up and we felt like we could do it, so we did.
Frankly, we did always intend to try our hands at being a Major Faction. I mean... If you read our original info post, it suggested as much. Yet I really wish we hadn't, and it certainly was never meant to be something we were going to try as soon as we did.
I cannot deny that I had fun winning a few invasions, and doing so well during the Netherworld event; but as a faction, the Primeval wasn't benefiting from its major status. We often attracted those looking to fight but who didn't want to serve the One Sith. Or people whose schedules weren't really suited to the fast pace of the One Sith. The common theme, though, from those statements is that the Primeval itself--as a Major Faction--was seen as an alternative to the One Sith.
Being compared to the One Sith is what inevitably killed the faction. People wanted a Sith faction that wasn't the One Sith, but the Primeval itself was not a Sith faction. Many tried to make it so, and I believe our conquests of the Sith worlds (Korriban, Ziost, Kaas) helped keep that desire alive. However; in the end there was no thought from our Faction Leaders that the Primeval would ever be remotely Sith in nature. Certainly we allied with Sith, and of course we allowed Sith within our ranks. Just... We weren't Sith.
Still, due to the amount of people who came to the Primeval to be Sith that weren't One Sith, a large majority of those who weren't in the Primeval saw us as just that... Sith. It's kind of a weird thing to consider, since I'm sitting here writing about how the Primeval itself was not a Sith faction, yet at the same time the word Sith has slowly began to cause your eye to twitch because I cannot stop saying the damn word.
To conclude the point I'm making. The Primeval as a concept is something you can gather quite easily in the original info post. Before we went major, not a single member on this board considered us a Sith faction. In fact; everyone who joined our faction initially were so far from being Sith, that I couldn't even begin to explain what we were collectively. Only that before we went major, the Primeval had an identity. It may not have been well known, but it existed, and it was entirely unique from the Sith.
I am happy to have enjoyed my time with the Primeval, as a Major Faction, too. Yet I cannot help but wonder how things might've been if I had decided to never apply for Major Faction status already over a year ago.
Now that the Primeval is minor once again, I hope others will take interest in the faction for what it was meant to be, and wish greatly that we may roleplay it as such now that the stress of being a Major Faction no longer weighs down on its members.