I like to think that when each of us first joined the board, that we sort of landed somewhere and that has always been our place. I know a lot of us--myself included--have found places elsewhere, too, but I can't help but wonder if our first step defined our outlook, and our impact here on Chaos. It's a funny thing to consider. How it might've been different if we landed somewhere else. To think that perhaps each of us in our own way influenced something, or someone along the way.
Tonight I pondered about things. I recently became Faction Owner of the One Sith on my alt, Catalys Maijora, but most of you here remember me for my time running the Primeval. Unlike most people I didn't join the One Sith or the Republic, or any other faction for that matter. Instead my friends and I decided to make our own from day one, and it turned into something that I found wonderful. However; what if I did join the Sith or the Republic? What would my character have been, where would they be today?
Would I have been someone's apprentice, or had any of my own? Perhaps I might've been an NFU fleeter or general. Who knows.
I'd like to hear what you have to say. Where did you land originally, and what might you have been should you have landed elsewhere?
I actually recall when I first lurked the forums, before I made an account, that I wanted to make a Mandalorian. From my time in KOTOR I loved Mandalorians and honestly wanted to roleplay one. It might've been that I joined them should my friends have not convinced me to make a faction with them.