The following log file has been edited for reader convenience. It follows a quick turn-by-turn based style. Please forgive the time stamps, and format coding, as some of the symbols and numbers were for IRC based chat rooms.

[02:23] Gav_Daragon , as always, was in the mechanical throne which resided within the Dark Lord's chambers; quaintly located behind a dimmly lit desk, layers of scrolls piled up in an organized manner -- ancient Sith text. Gav had read every last one of them since his containment; the Sith's breathing had altered quite abit, due to the fact that he was located within a void created by the ysalamiri -- denying him the1 ---

[02:23] <Gav_Daragon> ---6 ability to use the Force. This would not stand for much longer, nor could it. The Dark Lord would open the communications link to an undisclosed source, "This is Lord Daragon. I tire of these chambers. See to it that it is corrected." He would close the transmission and quietly begin to roll up the scrolls and tuck them away; as if packing or preparing to leave.

[02:26] SP-Xiere Crimson cloaked figure stood poised at attention in silence within the throne room of a now captive emperor. Of the most deadly sapients in the universe, conditioned to be of the elite, in mental, as well as physical perfection. The model of diligence and dedication, with an unerring loyalty pledged to the lord of the empire. Xiere, of the most trusted Protectors

[02:26] SP-Xiere in the sovereign class, then summoned by a beckoning voice directed securley into the inner workings of a helmet and visor peice fixed upon his head. The command was issued, and the guard moved from his post. With purpose and drive, as obiedience was dictated, flowing graceful moves brought the Royal Guard toward the established sequestering position of Lord Daragon.

[02:26] SP-Xiere Before his frame as he slowed to a halt, the forms of six large Massassi warriors. All of brute strength far exceeding several races of the known galaxy. <End>

[02:34] Gav_Daragon 's frame rose up from the hovering throne, standing up swiftly and stretching his legs, replacing the scrolls back into a safe location within his chambers. The Dark Lord grew more ill by the moment, the fact of the Force having no harbor within his body any longer sickend him. The ysalamiri were outside of the chambers, in Nutrient Frames, en masse at that. Several of them lined the outside walls of his1 ---

[02:34] <Gav_Daragon> ---6 chambers; near the door, where it had been specially reinforced with custom locks and steel, not to mention the six Massassi guards. The Sith would grasp his robes and shrug them back onto his shoulders and place his arms into the sleeves -- going on a trip, to him it was.

[02:39] SP-Xiere Fixed beady eyes lowered toward a single robed individual, the Massassi were given strict orders by their master to not allow passage to anyone. The other part of that order was to stop them by any means possible. Either side was a picture of loyalty and prefection in such an order, it was not personal, each had their respective orders, which clashed, and soon

[02:39] SP-Xiere they would. Digits clenched the force pike slipping the metallic rod from the confines of his scarlet garment. Aft to fore it was held vertical and the visor inclined. Stepping forward with purpose now toward the door, and through the Massassi line. The first two brutes came to meet the advancement. One moving to grapple, the other to pummel in a sence with thick digits formed into

[02:39] SP-Xiere tight fists. Force pike in motion, the tip collided with the incoming fist, which diverted the brute's muscle off course and into his comrad. Consequently all six Massassi were now moving in on the red robed figure. <End>

[02:44] Gav_Daragon 's features would grow emotionless for a moment as the Massassi on the outside of his chamber doors let out cry; more of a howl. Something had disturbed them. The Sith would smirk slightly, paying no mind or worry to the outcome of the situation on the outside of the doors, going on about normal routine and sliding his utility belt around his waist and clipping it together where appropiate. Each hand1 ---

[02:44] <Gav_Daragon> ---6 would rise towards his head and adjust the hood which lie on the back of his shoulders; already he began to dream of the feeling of the Force rushing back into his body as if a dam had broken and all the contents held therin were unleashed onto an unsuspecting valley. How glorious.

[02:45] SP-Xiere Within the huddling mass of Massassi, a single crimson cloaked figure whirled about in graceful and percise motion. Force pike swiped through the horde, in sweeping and jabbing movements by the skilled elite warrior. One lumbering Massassi did manage to grasp the end of Xiere's weapon, which in hindsight was a large mistake. Feral yells emitted from the beast as

[02:46] SP-Xiere high voltage pumped into the beasts frame and caused a spasm of muscles that would leave him lying on the floor. One down, five to go. Now armed, these ranking beasts became violent, in persuit to destroy this infidel. Hooking the glaive between spread legs, and leaning into a swipe, in which Xiere caught, another Massassi toppled to the ground. The end result to this one,

[02:46] SP-Xiere the pike pointedly fixed into the brutes forehead, searing the underdeveloped brain into useless scorched tissue. <End>

[02:51] Gav_Daragon would finally square away his chambers; the pressure on his chest growing to an almost unbearable state. Freedom was so close and yet the void still remained. The Dark Lord would move towards the door, positioning himself a few meters away from it's proximity, but in front of it. Each black gloved hand would move to behind his back and clasp gently, each emerald eye was fixiated on the doors before him1 ---

[02:51] <Gav_Daragon> ---6 and his ears were attuned to the ruckus happening on the outside of the chambers.

[02:54] SP-Xiere Matching lancing blows with the pike against their rods of unknown alloy. Quick redirection of the lances, allowed a lowering of his crimson clad form, to impale the oncoming Massassi from at his rear. The brute impaled now became a tool, whipping with momentum the brute into a mass of nutrient frames which smashed with the impressive impact. Food supply

[02:55] SP-Xiere draining almost immediately, not to mention the rumble it made. Three more remained, the survivors of such a coming massacre. Xiere now began to advance, using his abilities with the force pike to the next level. Each Massassi trying to counter with the many quick decisive blows Xiere was dishing out. Even collective their intellegence wasn't ranking very high. Activating the tip Xiere

[02:55] SP-Xiere spun low, and swiped the weapon at the kneecaps. Each jolted into the beasts which brought them to their knees in a shattering manuever. Following up with a higher swipe on full gauge. Two heads in the path collided with the energy which fried their nervous system permenantly. The last one charged. A foolish manuever, as Xiere ducked low, hooking the pole around the

[02:55] SP-Xiere Massassi head and launching him into the other section of the frames supplying nutrition to those ysalamiri. When the door opened after a lock was cut from it's position, there stood Xiere genuflecting with an offered hand, in which a lightsaber hilt lay for his Lord. Daragon was now free. <End>

[03:04] Gav_Daragon 's form would immediately fall completely limp. The Force rushing back into the Dark Lord like a raging river, it caught the Sith's body in mid-fall, craddling him gently in a levitated state, each of his arms dangling below him gently as the Dark Lord's chest would expand, as if filling with life itself. This state of being would last for several moments and then abruptly cease, dropping the Dark Lord1 ---

[03:04] <Gav_Daragon> ---6 back onto his feet, where he would land into a kneeling position -- gasping for breath as he slowly stood, eyes locking onto the Sovereign Protector who stood omniously in the doorway, as if a spectre -- hand outstreched, containing a lightsaber. Gav would step forward and take it from his grasp and clip it onto his belt, offering a nod to the Royal Guard; seeing it was not required for a Sovereign Protector to kneel be

[03:05] <Gav_Daragon> to kneel before Emperor, unless in a ceremony, "Well done, trusted one." He would say to Xiere. ))

[03:08] SP-Xiere Recognition was not something Xiere sought after, and thus he rose and resided behind Lord Daragon, and to the right. The six Massassi guards lay dead in several different positions, most of their thick skulls smoldering from the latent force pike driven into their brains. Crimson cloaks untained, now stilled as his form wavered not. The picture of perfection as

[03:08] SP-Xiere a servant of the Emperor. His glaive now tucked away once again, as the guard stood at attention and awaited the movement of Daragon, or another order in due time. <End>

[03:13] Gav_Daragon 's emerald eyes would slowly scan over the corpses which were upon the durasteel flooring of the hallway. Each hand would rise unto his shoulders and pull the onyx hood over his features -- though he would begin his tred, it would remain slow as the Force was still trickling back into his form at a slower rate, obviously making his presense in the Force more noticeable now that he had returned; by far1 ---

[03:13] <Gav_Daragon> ---6 more powerful than before being contained in the chambers. The Sith's route was set, navigating himself through the cooridors and towards the command bridge, his favorite locale aboard his flagship, the Redemption.