The following log file has been edited for reader convenience. It follows a quick turn-by-turn based style. Please forgive the time stamps, and format coding, as some of the symbols and numbers were for IRC based chat rooms.

[23:12] <Arik_Andess> *Arik has been on the surface of Maridun for somewhere around three hours now. The rain forests of Maridun are named that for a reason. Torrential downpours obscure visual flight, leaving you to trust only your sensors in the atmosphere. Veins of white hot lightning streak across the sky, making an entry into the planet that much more difficult. Arik chose this planet carefully, the speed with 6<next>
[23:12] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> which his decision was made seemed like it was picked out of a hat. He'd activated his ships beacons to allow Vegal to get a idea of where he is on the surface.* 6<done>

[23:16] Vegal-Ein The Dark Lord was already planet side, having found somewhat of a clearing to arrange this meeting within. The nearly constant state of the atmopshere, given to storms was something that set the mood for such an ominious presence. Cloaked in obscurity as well as a dark and thick black robe, the only speck of color or distinction his mask.
[23:16] Vegal-Ein The Masked Sith's trademark visual. Those that were well versed or at least worth their salt in the Sith legend would know the markings well and the legacy behind it. In silence Vegal waited, arms folded within his cloak, left out of sight. <End>

[23:21] <Arik_Andess> *Arik stomped thru the jungle, cloak flowing and whipping behind him, casting off streams of rainwater as he made leaps thru split trees, gloved hands grabbing branches and limbs to propel him higher, farther. He'd vault felled trees and landing in a short roll, carrying his momentum forward, sliding on his hip beneath gnarled, curled logs. His grey woolen cloak already tattered and muddied by 6<next>
[23:21] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> the time he wanders into the clearing. If he was sweating when he arrived it surely wasnt apparent, he hadnt even the need to catch his breath* 6<done>

[23:27] Vegal-Ein Casting his normal silent shadow upon the fertile ground beneath him. The Dark Lord regally awaiting the Grey Jedi to appear, and so he did, finally coming into the slight clearing. The unwavering form of the Masked Sith stood before him in complete silence. And that would continue, as even his breath was mute, as well as he himself never
[23:27] Vegal-Ein audibly speaking, something he had gotten used to in his former occupation. <End>

[23:34] <Arik_Andess> *Arik stood a good distance away from Vegal, directly across from the being, who he assumed was a man. Not bothering any sort of mental probes. Mind Trick was never one of his stronger points. Beneath his robe he'd already thumbed the clasp over his blaster down and switched off the safety. The sleeves of his robe made it difficult to tell, along with the downpur if they were occupied with arms 6<next>
[23:34] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> or not. His face too was obscured by the shadow cast by his hood. He spoke loudly, enough that the figure would hear him over the storm* "How do you like the setting, Master Jedi? I thought it appropriate... Dont bother trying to get a lock on my craft. Beyond scanning the storms here jam pretty much everything going in and out..." 6<done>

[23:44] Vegal-Ein No reaction, not even to the Jedi comment which seemed to be a universal comment Arik gave to all force users. Even one that was noteably a Sith Legend. As custom he didn't need to shout, he didn't even speak. It was communication through the mind for Vegal. You have a very small window of oppurtunity to prove yourself, I suggest you
[23:44] Vegal-Ein don't waste it. 6 The Dark Lord was getting Arik away from small talk which disinterested the Dark Lord, and down to buisness. <End>

[23:48] <Arik_Andess> *he nodded once and raised a hand to draw his hood back. He sighed heavily and raised his head, eyes closed to let the rain patter on his face. He lowered his gaze to Vegal again. Streams of water running down from his hairline, over his cheeks, nose. His eyes are wide, apparently unpestered by the rainfall* "And how am I to prove myself, Master Jedi? Would it be a simple test of skill or 6<next>
[23:48] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> something more draconian?" *his expression was flat, tone as well. He was enjoying the setting more then the conversation.* 6<done>

[23:52] Vegal-Ein There was no motion, no rasie of his hand, apparently his connection to the force, to the dark side was so prevelant he needed no motion to accompany his power. The force itself shoving Arik directly off his feet and against the nearest tree. Not enough to crush his body, but it certainly wasn't meant to be comfortable. His mind still reaching
[23:52] Vegal-Ein out to the trapped Jedi. You claim that neutrality opens a balance to the Force, one that can lead to achieving even greater feats than have been known, show me something I don't know. 6 Vegal was testing him, a Jedi could easily remove himself from the prediciment, but he wasn't looking for obvious, or even impressive, he was looking for
[23:52] Vegal-Ein spectacular. Something that would make the Sith take notice. <End>

[23:56] <Arik_Andess> *the attack would connect, Ariks cloak denting inward and collapsing, falling into a wet heap a few meters away, Arik was nowhere to be found. A moment or so later a the trees around the clearing began to creak and splinter at their bases, falling inwards towards the masked jedi, branches cracking and snapping as they toppled, they seemed to all be falling at once*

[00:00] Vegal-Ein Wheather or not it was percect placement as if from some vision of this future, or some force aided prevention. Vegal remained stationary, the trees missing his form by mere inches all around. Crashing to the ground, and coming to a halt before they even reached his frame. Standing now in a larger clearing as the rain poured down.
[00:00] Vegal-Ein His hold on Arik wasn't kept, but he could still sense the Jedi. Don't waste my time Jedi, parlor tricks won't save your life for long. 6 Above the natural thunder that reigned over the planet, some other unearthly booms commensed, the coming of something unnatural, and yet completely in line with the power they both held, a Force Storm. <End>

[00:05] <Arik_Andess> *a single tree which had just recnetly been standing tall came cutting thru the rain drops, the entire tree turned into one massive missile headed horizontally at Vegal, Arik still nowhere to be -seen-, only felt. Vegal would feel him stronger, every things telling him that Arik was angry, very angry, uncharaecteristic for the usually pious Jedi*

[00:09] Vegal-Ein It started at the tip, the very fiber of the tree, ripping from top to bottom, spilitting apart, and finally as it came lumbering at Vegal, it exploded all at once, shattering into thousands of wooden splinters and shards, all diverting away, but making a very impressive display. The tree dissolved to mere wood chips by an act of the force. I feel your anger
[00:09] Vegal-Ein Jedi. 6 A simple statement as the Force Storm began to rule the thunderous tulmolt between natural and unnatural storms. The Force was winning easily over the natural atmospheric conditions. The Masked Sith still had yet to move. <End>

[00:13] <Arik_Andess> *Arik followed the splintering tree, the razor sharp chunks curving away from him as he charged Vegal, two violet sabers already ignitied, sizzling as they cut thru the air, held behind him at a low angle, he was roaring, eyes wide, teeth bared. His roar was long and loud, the fallen trees distorting and cracking as he bellowed. His foot steps were wet, quick, he was -nearly- a blur, a vapor 6<next>
[00:13] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> trail of sorts following him, provided by the raing splashing and eveaporating the moment it made contact with the sabers blades* 6<done>

[00:26] Vegal-Ein The form infront, the Masked Sith, it was phased through, as if the figure was merely an appiration. In all intents, it was simply a ruse. The Dark Lord had manipulated the mind of Arik to assume he was standing in such a place. The Dark Lord was infact meditating a few miles away, near the shuttle he used to reach the planet.
[00:26] Vegal-Ein This was all a test anyway. You are not completely without worth, consider Korriban's existance a priviledge, don't wager it's existance again. 6 And like that the storm ceased, and Vegal was no longer a senced presence on Maridun. His shuttle though was already moving back towards the flagship it had originated from. <End>

[00:34] <Arik_Andess> *he skidded to a halt, kicking up a quick blast of muddy water, he turned to glare into the sky in the general direction of Vegals capital ship. Teeth gritted, clenched tight, grinding, squeaking. Any Jedi who'd taken the appropriate amount of mental training wou;d've sensed something was a miss, Arik, having finished is -proper- training long before his Master had taught him the intricacies of 6<next>
[00:34] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> the mental abilites. He wanted Vegals head now. To flay the flesh off his bones and mount his skull on the nose of his Skipray. Arik threw his head back and roared once again, the trees that lie on the ground, once mearly toppled and cracked exploded, sending splinters in every direction, tearing the soft jungle to shreds, chunks of tree imbded in one another, limbs sheared off. Ariks clothing 6<next>
[00:34] <Arik_Andess> 6<cont> to had taken a few close calls* 6<done>

[00:38] Vegal-Ein Some time would indeed pass before the royal motions of the Dark Lord would sweep him onto the bridge of the Executioner taking his stance at the large bay window overlooking the vastness of space and the Korriban planet in his view. I now hold his attention, it is his move. 6 Was the only comment made towards Lira, while he then stood
[00:38] Vegal-Ein in silence hands behind his back, kept out of sight by the cloak. Vegal was a master of many areas of the force, and it was likely his true power had not been exerted on Maridun. <End>

[00:41] <Lt`Lira> The woman simply turned her gaze to her Lord and Master...before sweeping her eyes to the console she'd been monitoring up until this point. That is, when the confrontation down below had finished off. In was more like a ruckuss than a fight. There was no real purpose. Vegal seemed to dominate in every category, and here, even on a planet where <c>
[00:41] <Lt`Lira> <c> the Jedi had picked his own setting..the same facts remained true.