NAME: Arik Andees
FACTION: Galactic Republic (former) Unaffiliated (Current)
RANK: Corsec Lieutenant (former) Private Security (Current)
SPECIES: Human (Corellian)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 83.9 kg (185 lbs.)
WEIGHT: 1.8m (5'11")
EYES: Golden Brown
HAIR: Dirty Blond
SKIN: Somewhat Pale
LANGUAGES: Basic, High Galactic, Hapes

SHIP: The Needle Nose - Rendili Starfighter

  • + Stays Focused - Arik doesn't rattle easily, he has an extremely sharp and focused mind, capable of staying level-headed in even the most heated situations.
  • + Medical Background - From service with some notable Medical frigates, he has picked up a knack for human and alien philology and anatomy; but he's no doctor.
  • + High Combat Proficiency - Once ranked at the top of his class, Arik possess not only trained responses to various threats, but an innate ingenuity to come out ahead when things are looking bleak
  • +/- Static Temperament - While he does display the normal scope of emotions, he does possess the ability to stay unnervingly calm and rational even when things are heated. It often causes him to seem aloof or uninterested when that is rarely the case.
  • +/- Voices - There are hints of a slight mental disorder, which while he will occasionally have thoughts uncommon to his personality, it also affords him a sort of scrambled prevention against telepathic communication, almost akin to white noise.
  • - Stimcaf Addict - The boon to a weary world, stimcaf is Arik's best friend and also worst enemy. His nerves are at a constant state of flux, and while it doesn't seem to mess with his mind - can either be completely lethargic, or entirely energetic or anywhere in between.
  • - Insomnia - This self-induced state of sleeplessness is something he doesn't quite talk about. Though because of this trait (of which he combats with stimcaf) there are periods where he will pass out from sheer exhaustion.
  • - Blackouts - For just a few minutes or spanning several days - depending on the circumstances, Arik has a history of waking up in odd situations, with little memory of what happened. He's been scanned for neurological symptoms, but it seems to elude even the medical profession. He's been prescribed drugs for these.
  • - Guilt - The situations leading to his demotion from his Corsec office haunt him from time to time. Most notably because even though he was convicted, and found guilty, he also doesn't remember committing any of these infractions that got him kicked out of the force.

APPEARANCE: Arik has let himself go from his official position within Corsec. The clean shaven and neatly combed visage has been replaced by a more grittier image. The near constant presence of stubble about his jaw, chin, and upper lip suggest a lack of trying to be perfectly presentable. His hair is far more renegade than he ever let it get, but still keeps it cropped short. He's in fairly good shape, muscular in all the right places, and of a solid constitution. He carries the gait and stance of a man who can certainly handle himself, and has had to in the past. There are also some fleshy reminders of scuffles and scrapes that are apparent if he's ever disrobed.

PERSONALITY: Most of the adjectives associated with Arik's personality would be in favor of a man that has a serious note to his chosen profession - even if it wasn't his first, second, or thirty-fifth choice. He's dutiful, respected, and he is a man of his word for all intents and purposes. One glance at his official service record, and the honorable mentions leap from the page. The man though has his secrets, and it's very evident that he isn't the sharing type. Tight lipped about most social conventions, and very much of a to-the-point man with very little wiggle room. He keeps people at an arm's length from penetrating his personal bubble, and yet he's a wonderful co-worker who is invested to the point of having an excellent and detailed memory for things that matter to the job. His leadership mode is also a boon to his resume, and it has kept men under his employ and watchful gaze alive more times than they could probably recollect. Still, after all this, one thing is crystal clear; whatever Arik was, he no longer is. He is after all -- damaged goods.


Official Corsec records of former Lieutenant Arik Andees only begin about ten years prior to his discharge. The absence of any juvenile or pre-teen tidbits point to possible sealed records that are no longer for public or even private viewing. Recruited into the Corsec military from one of the many pre-registration camps around Corellia, giving a wide range of applicants their shot at the life of a Corellian Security Officer. It is possible that he was born on the planet, but parentage was never determined. At the time, the Galactic Republic held sway over the core world, and the Corsec program was well integrated into the system - giving Arik a faction to fight for, and fight he did. Not only in their extensive training regiment, but also in the field when assignments would arise. Quickly noticed from the other cadets as someone they could put onto the fast track to leadership.​

The next few years in prepping Andees to instruct and lead came in the form of one of the fleet's Medical Frigates. As a young man on the cusp of adulthood, he found the facilities aboard the frigate (and the chance to serve in a support function) somewhat frustrating. He far and above preferred to be where the action was, though his goals were aligned with the senior officers who were grooming him for leadership. If he was going to lead, he needed to know how policy worked away from the field of actual combat. One of his many instruction led observational shadow programs paired him with a doctor whose aspirations were to become a surgeon in the given field. Their relationship wasn't exactly an explosion of chemistry or even in the range of tolerable. They were opposites, and neither found the other inherently at their speed. Medical jargon sailed over Arik's head most of the time - while his more militant approach to things scared and angered the poor pacifistic Sorrusian. Apparently the saying that opposites attract was true in this case, and put in continued tight proximity to each other wore on the pair, until it was evident (even to the chagrin of the senior officers) that the two had come to table their differences and work in concord - as well as date each other.​


It wasn't long until both Arik and Dalanue were married, while continuing in service to Corsec. She had advanced to a promising surgeon position that would keep her land based, and his own military career began to flourish. In short order, Arik was promoted to the highest ranking office he would ever achieve in the program; Lieutenant. Instead of being on the front lines, or doing rescue missions in the Medical Frigate, he was stationed on Corellia proper, and was coming into a good life. He was a well respected leader, and a loving husband. For a few years, this life seemed to be well suited to his ideals and principals. Within those years he had fostered relationships with many worlds, and done some real good in a Galaxy that was always just a hairs breadth away from being a powder-keg. Training cadets and other officers under him while doing work he could be proud of while his wife worked towards that prestigious and highly selective surgical position within in the medical community.​

Like most stories though - when things are the best, when the winds are still and a peaceable calm rests heavy, a storm is most assuredly coming. And what a storm it was. To the recollection of the Corsec council, there were two notable things that caused this cataclystic wave of crap that came crashing down on Andees' life. The first of which were the blackouts. They started about two years before he was discharged, and they were of great concern - especially for his wife. While Arik complied with every test that the Corsec medical community could throw at him, the results were, at best, inconclusive. This was a diagnosis that did not sit with Dalanue well at all. Her neurosurgeon training was screaming at her daily that something was able to be found. After all, she'd conclusively proven that almost all manner of brain disorders could somehow be uncovered if one was determined enough to find the source. The fact that these battery of tests didn't resolve the couples confusion of these events was always on the woman's mind. The second was a far more drastic discovery that came to light when Arik woke up from one of his blackouts three days after having been pronounced missing, and a city wide man-hunt had come up with nothing. He of course remembered nothing.​

The resulting investigation on where he was found, and what he had been doing revealed some grizzly details that shocked a good majority of Corsec; not to mention how heavily it hit Arik and his wife. The court cases were long and sordid, taking over two months to suss out all of the details they could come up with, while Arik was on indefinite suspension and forced to stay away from the case. Near the tale end of the case, in which he'd been implicated in a string of violent crimes (including, but not limited to murder in the first degree) a sentence hearing was called, and Arik was put into solitary confinement during the deliberation. There was another very unfortunate derailing of the proceedings when Corsec authorities watching the Andees' estate found Dalanue brutally murdered in cold blood. The most puzzling thing was that the medical examiner had somehow linked the murder to the acts alleged of Arik while he was missing for three days time. The solitary confinement cell however still contained Arik, and thus the case had to be re-evaluated as he couldn't possibly have commuted this crime. Officially they ruled it a copy-cat murder - however with no real proof of the crimes committed, and only speculation at best with sketchy photos and holo-vid reports, Arik was only discharged (dishonorably) from the Corsec military and was exiled from Corellia - never allowed to return.​

Since Arik left Corsec, and his life on Corellia he's drifted on the fringes of the system - finally settling a year later into a steady rhythm of small private military contracts doing local security. While he's completely out of the Corsec official channels, he harbors a lot of resentment from that horrific storm of events, and continues to seek answers as to what happened to his wife, and how he might be linked to such atrocities that were mentioned. The events mentioned here have been kept classified for only the highest of clearance to save face for both Corsec and Arik's legacy.​