Hey girl,

I don’t know why I’m writing to you, okay yeah I do. I just… are you still alive? Did you pass away? I don’t know how to write this? Aly? Sure, I know she is gone, I could write to her and tell her how much I miss her. ‘Ria? Arestul? The twins? Yeah, I could write to them as well. I don’t know about you? It’s heartbreaking because what if you are still out there somewhere? What will you say? If you aren’t and I act like you are? It would just… it would kill me inside. I’m sure your mom is out there somewhere loving every second of this (sorry, I know, she’s your mom), but… I miss the frell out of you.

Man, I didn't think that this would be as hard as it is...

I still remember that day we met, ha, I was so oblivious. I mean, you were coming on to me the moment I walked in through that door and I did not see it. I wonder what happened to that polka dot dress. Good times. It was a long road you and I were on, all full of twists and turns, but it was worth it. It was worth every second, all of it. I mean, it did not matter who we were to other people, it’s what I was to you and you were to me that mattered. This is so weird talking to you in this method. I’m sitting here on Naboo… you know… Naboo… and all I could think about is all of those times we ran into each other.

Eight hundred fifty years is a long time, it wasn’t for me, but I know it was for you. Was it? That holo-call I made, you didn’t answer… I don’t blame you for it, you were probably busy. I didn’t avoid you. I didn’t disappear. I was stuck in ice on Rhen Var. It’s 860whatever ABY right now as I write this. I’m about to go by the old family home. I wonder if it’s still even there, any remnant of it. Yeah, I’m still a Jedi, but it isn’t the same, doesn’t hold the same meaning it used to. I have nothing against those around today, but you know how I took to it… It's hard to be who I am, because now all it seems to be is what I was. If that makes sense. That was one of the things I loved about you, you made sense out of my non-sensical garbage.

I hope you moved on. I mean, everything you’d become up to where we were. You deserved to be happy, I hope you were with me, while we were a thing. If you weren’t, I’m sorry, but at least I hope you learned what you want in a person and out of life if you didn’t. You’re better than you gave yourself credit for. You always were.

Love Always and Forever,
-”Big Guy”