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Remember me? Don't care? Cool. I'm telling you anyway...

So, where have I been? What have I been doing? It’s been a while and there has been neither hyde nor hair of me, has there? Certainly, not many of you out there really care, and that is fine, I’m not in this for anyone other than those I can help. Anyway for those of you who do care, well I ask you, what do you know about the universe and do you really believe that ours is the only one in existence?


It was a normal day out on the Delta Quadrant aboard the Space Station "Deep Space 12". The Xenexian Government had just managed to procure an Embassy and were setting up. This would not be anything out of the ordinary, but the Ambassador was a former Starfleet Officer, she was also formerly assigned to Ops on this very station and married to the former Commanding Officer. This woman's name is Lena Tyler, a fiery redhead with an even more explosive temper when pushed hard enough. One would wonder why a woman with her temperament would be given the role, even with her connections to the United Federation of Planets, however, her nature is indicative to and no different from the rest of her people. Her husband Jonathan was of a security background but seemed to be in a role that was perfect for him. This place, again, ran like clockwork under his watch, and now that he was reunited with his wife?

Things were only looking up.

He was temporarily off station, not more than a few hours though as he was getting checked out on the newly designed runabouts. “JT” as she (and only she) called him was fully command trained and had the command of DS-12 and three starships already on his resume’ but still the youngest Captain in Starfleet’s history was prudent in his diligence to lead from the front and by example. Besides, this was the best way for her to get things done and would make for a better reunion later tonight. Her status gave little interference on the nuances of setting up and moving in, so that was not an issue. The problems that arose came with the security clearances of her people. Lena was fine, but many of her staff had never been off-planet so they were not aware of much of the protocols in place for a Starfleet Space Station. Two of them were escorted back to the embassy for entering a restricted area, again they did not know this, but it happened, nonetheless. There would be more issues soon to be sure.

The two-sector defense ships, both Diligent Class ships, “The Okinawa” and “The London” were on standard patrol routes as fighter squadrons were running close routes. None of them would be prepared for the anomaly that they would soon come across, none on the station either. What looked like a wormhole opened much like many others have in the past, what looked to be a Defiant Class even drifted out of it. However, scans of the vessel showed it to hold similarity to a Defiant in appearance alone. The power output to the ship was entirely different, as were the engine placements as well as weapons. Things would be different if there were identifiers showing that the vessel was “Federation” but there was nothing of the sort. On top of this, the mystery vessel was not answering hails on any frequencies.

The captain was altering course to make way back to the station upon Command & Control’s notice and he was already setting up an emergency beam-out straight to the docking rings. Security was on alert, but medical teams were on-site as well. Only one life-form was detected on the ship which made absolutely no sense for a ship that normally carried fifty officers and crew and was capable of carrying over one-hundred-fifty more if necessary.

The station’s tractor beam pulled the ship into a docking ring as normal but there seemed to be something odd when the ship settled. Steam burst out of several of the vents normally designed for circulation. This and the ship settling into land was something unexpected as this was not a class with landing skids. Security settled into a cover position as what looked to be a loading ramp opened where the bay doors slid upwards. There were chances galore on this model to be sure, what happened next caught everyone by surprise.

Then another stepped out, a very large man with what looked to be a cylindrical object hanging over his back and one to his side. He was scanning the room and looked to be more than dangerous but also looked to be calming. It was this thought that was brought on when the two droids lowered their own weapons just upon a touch from this man without any words or argument. This gave the captain an idea of his own.

The man who walked out seemed grateful, what these Federation officers did not know was that while he was a bit of a warrior in his own right, the Jedi Master by name of Caltin Vanagor was also one who deescalated a situation when and where he could. In moments, he surveyed the scene and seemed to sense what was going on and that these individuals who stood there with weapons drawn did not look for a fight unless it was absolutely necessary.

Extending a hand, Captain Tyler was the only one not wielding a weapon and accepted.

The man in what looked to be robed looked a little puzzled as he looked around. This gleaming space station was something new for him and his experience, this was not a problem perse’ but there was a question of truly wherein the galaxy was, he standing?

Both looking more and more puzzled, Vanagor waved off the two-armed droids who both seemed to protest but retreated to the inside of the ship. Soon after, the little astromech “55” rolled out happily as did “Roller”. The two droids were there for comic relief, but also there to provide the technical readouts for “The Sentinel” as well as answer any need for information that might not be readily available. For the better part of the rest of the day, information was exchanged so that there was a better understanding of who was really who and what everyone was dealing with. The simple truth is that the man was living proof of what they already (somewhat) knew, there was not a “universe” but a “multiverse”.

The droids were treated well but examined by engineering, the purpose was not only for education but to see if there was a way to help repair or even upgrade them. The replicators were offered, and access was given allowing full capabilities (and fun) for the two robotic automatons. As for the Jedi, he gave those in charge a veritable treasure trove of his galaxy and general planetary coordinates comparatively speaking to the coordinates of the home of the Federation, the Klingons, the Kaison, the Romulans and so on. The technical specs of “The Starlight Sentinel” were being examined and potentially utilized against her counterparts, the Defiant-class vessels. This was not a gift though as conversely any Defiant-class technology that could be implemented or supplemented onto the Sentinel was.

There was a bigger problem though, the wormhole that opened and brought out the Jedi and his ship was a “one-off”. It was not repeatable and could not be recreated, long story short Vanagor was here to fight and save the galaxy and every living being so he can go home and tell anyone who will listen about what he did. If people thought he had an ego before, they would be overwhelmed now. He was going to be the most amazing and incredible person in the galaxy that anyone had ever seen….


Caltin was just laughing. He truly could not keep a straight face as he told the story anymore.

I mean, really. You actually believed that? No, I went back to my roots and re-learned how to do what I do and be what and who I am. I got married, yes, me, the big stoic arrogant idiot got married, some of you met her. Some of you don’t care, and that’s okay. Anyway, for those of you who do find yourself wondering what did happen, let me answer your question with a question: what do you know about the origins of the Force?

SOME TIME AGO(Really this time)

He had been there once before, promising to never reveal this setting to anyone, but the big man needed to come back. He needed more help as there was more issue as to what was going on in him. There were no problems, other than the fact that he could not control his newly found abilities or understand his connection to them. So the massive wanderer found himself face to face with the entity to whom he spoke with last.

“She” (who is to know if they are even of a gender) listened as he was examined and finally explained to him that his “powers” were not of the Force. They were but were his central connection is mental like the traditional, where the base for control and direction of it was out of the neurons of the brain, he was the electrons. His connection was electrical. It made sense, frell it make a whole cargo bay of sense now. He was approaching this all wrong and that was why the big man was overdoing it.

So he had to completely retool, or even “retcon” his approach, no longer did he reach out through the Force, he just thought about what he needed to do. In a way, it was the same thing, but it was more efficient, it took less effort than before and he was a Master of the Force before. Time acted differently here, so what seemed like years was not so much.

Over time he was naturally stronger, naturally faster, and naturally more resilient. He did not act through the Force, the Force acted through him now. He barely needed or used his lightsaber before and had less use for it now. The man was not invincible by any means, do not misunderstand, but if you knew him before and thought he was tough then? Well. This seemed to have another unexpected effect on him. It settled him.

It settled him because it gave his new wife hope, they had known each other for over eight hundred years ago and found each other again in the present. When they were separated through circumstances not under their control she was lost, she had fallen to the Dark Side but had nothing else in her life. Upon finding each other she gave it all up for him as he gave it all up for her. This whole trip here was not her idea, but Chrysa could not bear to see Caltin go through as he was, so she was here to support him through it all.

The base of his abilities was, as mentioned, electrical, so he had power over the energy and the elements he did not have before. He did not just master them, he owned them. The side effect to this though was everything was lightning-related, so it was something that he would need to prove trustworthy with. Caltin was more than able to control himself with what he was doing, it was other people learning to trust him and that he was not going to electrocute anyone and everyone on a daily basis.

When he finally was at a point where controlling these skills was as normal as waking up in the morning, the big man was ready to leave and head back out into the galaxy. This was not the same as the last time, now he knew who he was and what he was capable of. He also knew that few would truly care, and those that did would not be concerned with the details. He was back out there and that was all that mattered, right?


I’m not going to bore you anymore, just tell you this. If you know me and we stand together, I’m back. If you know me and want a piece of me, you don’t have to look far. If you don’t know me and think you want some? Talk to those who know me.
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